Should you give up after Google’s recent SEO updates?

Should you give up blogging after recent SEO updates?

Should you give up after Google’s recent SEO updates?

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Google’s recent SEO updates have caused a lot of bloggers and website owners to rethink their strategies. Should you just give up?

The world of SEO has changed since October 2023. Google’s most recent SEO updates have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of websites tank in the search engines.

Google introduced the Helpful Content Update. The aim was to get rid of the low-quality content that is just written for search engines and make sure the content was what the audience wanted.

I will say as a search engine user, the update has been less than helpful. I tend to go to Duck Duck Go to find some of the search results that I want because the stuff that does come up doesn’t actually answer my question. There is still a lot of AI content on the top searches of Google, and I need something written by humans. But why does Google care about my experience as a searcher, right?

Anyway, this isn’t about that. This is about what you should do as a blogger, especially if you’ve been heavily hit. Is it time to give up?

You don’t need to give up on your dream because of SEO updates

Let me tell you now that if you give up, you will regret it. Blogging is your dream, and you were making it work. This latest update is just a cog in the wheel.

I came into online writing just as Google Panda hit. That changed the way of online writing* considerably at the time. I saw how many people panicked and how they were losing income. As I looked through the changes that Google made, I looked at what Google wanted from bloggers.

I could have given up as soon as I started, but I didn’t. Instead, I pivoted. I looked at what the update was aiming to do, and I worked my content to offer that. It helped me build a niche.

Yes, that niche has been hit this time. Each time I’ve tried to offer the best experience for the readers. However, not everyone I’ve worked with has, or there have been suggestions from SEO teams in the past that have now hindered some site progress. That’s okay. I’m pivoting again to see what I can do.

Don’t just rely on Google

Google has the monopoly on search engines. That’s a simple fact. I don’t agree with that they should, but they do, and they use that to their advantage.

That being said, you can’t just rely on SEO to get people to your content. You need to utilize other ways to get your content in front of eyeballs.

I’ve said it before about social media. Pinterest saw a huge change a couple of years ago, and I said, don’t just rely on social media. You need to include SEO, email marketing, and much more. Well, the same applies here.

You can’t just rely on SEO. You need to utilize social media, email marketing, and more. Your marketing strategy should put eggs in different baskets.

Look for ways to grow your business amid SEO updates

You don’t just have to use blogging*. While I love it, I don’t just rely on this to bring in money.

I also have some private writing clients. I offer printables. And I’m looking at YouTube videos and other ways to make money online right now.

There is always something to do out there. While blogging may be your passion, it doesn’t have to be your own one. You don’t need to completely give up on it, but it is worth looking at other ways to make money.

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What are you struggling with in the middle of the recent SEO updates? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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