Google AdSense Changes: How Does It Affect Your Blog?

Google AdSense Changes: How Does It Affect Your Blog?

Google AdSense changes
Google AdSense changes. Will anything else?

Google has announced that it is making a change to its AdSense program. Writers and bloggers who use Google websites, such as Blogger, will no longer be able to make changes to the ad sizes and placements on those blogs. This is effective from August 30, 2013. How will these Google AdSense changes affect you?

So Many Google Changes!

This is just another new change that Google is making. July 1, 2013, saw the ending of the Google Reader and there have been talks about changing the Google Keyword Tool. It seems like Google is really trying to make it hard for people to make money on their own websites.

2011 saw the introduction of Google Panda and there have been a series of updates since then. Google Penguin was the next one in 2012; another one with many updates. These algorithm changes have been focused on creating search results that are useful to people. They want to stop the keyword stuff, invaluable content reaching the top spots and it really has worked. Internet marketers and writers complained but they soon realised what they needed to do—well, most did—to create quality content that people wanted to read so would do well in Google searches.

So, What Do the Google AdSense Changes Mean for You?

This change only affects those with Google blogs or those who create Google blogs after August 30, 2013. If you’re thinking about creating a new blog on Google, do it now and get your AdSense ads up there. After the end of August, you won’t be able to add new AdSense to your blogs. You won’t be able to add any new adverts to your blog, so if you want to do that, do it now!

You also won’t be able to make any changes to the size or placement of the ads that you already have. If your ad placement is already working for you, that’s great. If you’re still looking for the perfect placement, you don’t have long left. Ask for advice and get it sorted before September.

The good news is those who have a free blogspot blog aren’t affected by these changes.

I Don’t Have a Google Blog. Am I Affected?

The good news is that Google AdSense changes only affect for Google websites. If you’re blog or site is hosted through a different content management system or you’ve created your own from scratch, you are in luck. You’re not affected at all—at least, for now, until Google changes its mind again!

If you’re looking for a better blogging platform and one where you’ll have more freedom, I suggest WordPress. I love this platform and use it on all my blogs and my own website. It’s really easy to customise and post on and you can choose where you want the ad placement to be. You can create ads to the exact size you need or follow Google recommendations.

What About Changing from Google AdSense?

Do you have to opt for Google AdSense? Not at all! You can rebel against the Google AdSense changes. There are plenty of people using other advertisement streams for their blogs, including Chitika and Infolinks. However, I’m not sure how beneficial they are for making money. I have heard that Google AdSense is the best for making money online.

Find out more about Google AdSense changes here.

Will you be affected by the Google AdSense changes? What will you do for any future blogs that you set up? Share your thoughts and opinions on the blog below.

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