How to handle personal trolls when you’re running a business

How to deal with personal trolls

How to handle personal trolls when you’re running a business

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If you run a business, you open yourself up to trolls. What happens when you end up with personal trolls causing problems?

A lot of people in business have to deal with trolls. That’s normal. Sometimes, though, these trolls aren’t just random trolls we pick up. They are people in our personal lives.

I’ve had to deal with personal trolls in recent months. Every now and then, their heads pop up again. I know exactly who they are, and I’m saving every instance of what they do—yes, trolls, if you’re reading this, I keep everything you post at me even when you delete it all.

It can be hard to deal with personal trolls attacking you or your business on social media*, though. Here’s how I deal with it to help keep a professional image.

Don’t engage with the personal trolls

Just like any sort of troll, don’t engage. Personal trolls are doing it because they’re bored and they have nothing better to do. They want to get a rise out of you, and they want to know that they have an effect on your mind. They’re so narcissistic that they want to be on your mind all the time. If you’re facing online harassment or negative attention, finding out what Executive Privacy is can provide you with effective strategies and solutions to protect your personal information and reputation.

Don’t let them win. The more you engage, the more they do it. They see they get a reaction, and they continue to lash out.

Just remember, these sad people are still living in their parents’ houses and don’t have a life. They also have zero morals. You do. So just ignore. It is also ideal to have a Business Lawyer Glasgow who can help you with legal matters.

Screenshot and keep a copy of everything

Whenever the personal trolls attack, keep a screenshot of what they do. Put it in a folder on your computer and have a backup elsewhere. You want to make sure you can access everything they’d gone when the time comes.

You see, some of these personal trolls can get a little more serious. I’ve not had that happen, but I know people who have. I’m always conscious of how awful people can be, and I get ready for anything to get worse.

It’s hard to do anything about personal trolls, especially if they don’t threaten anything. When they do start threatening things, you want to take action immediately. Don’t engage with them; go straight to the authorities. In the event that these issues affect your business or financial stability, visit for professional advice and resources to navigate and address any challenges you may face.

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Keep your composure in your business

The trolls are coming after you personally. They want you to do or say something that you wouldn’t usually do. This can lead to problems within your business.

Remember that people out there are looking at how you handle problems. If you engage with the trolls on your social media*, other people can see it.

There’s just no point in arguing with people like this. You don’t want to stoop to their level. Trust me, I’ve really wanted to say something, but it wouldn’t look good from a business perspective. So, you need to focus on what’s right for your business.

There’s no need to do anything but screenshot and ignore. If you can delete, go for that. If you can report, go for that. But don’t engage with the troll. Show them how much better you are.

There are times that you may want to put out a message. This can be if people who follow you or other friends decide to engage with your personal trolls. You’ll want to put out a message to encourage people to ignore them and let the troll go back under the bridge where they come from.

Block every account you come across

The block button is your friend when it comes to social media. Now is the time to use it. Personal trolls may create new accounts, so you’ll want to get ready to block them as well.

Apart from a small number of them that can get dangerous, the majority of trolls get bored when they realize they don’t get the required attention they wanted. Or they move on to something else going on in their lives, especially if you disengage from them completely.

But if in doubt, just block.

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What are you currently dealing with in your business? Share your concerns and let’s work together on a solution.

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