My Honest Thoughts About Passive Income in 2018

My Honest Thoughts About Passive Income in 2018

I’ve had a lot of questions about sites that I recommend to earn passive income or just to make money anyway through. Each time I’ve not really answered or I’ve shared that working on your own blogs is the way. Of course, it’s not the answer people want. They want actual websites that they can visit to sign up to.

But the honest answer is passive income in 2018 isn’t going to be through someone else’s site. Well, unless you have a lot of control and they pay fairly. Or unless you have a way to getting your content shared a lot.

There are very few places I write at for passive income now. I do highly recommend the FanSided brand, but everywhere else (and through private clients) is upfront.

Don’t get me wrong, I love passive income. But other people’s sites aren’t where the money is. It’s all through your own. This isn’t going to come easy, mind. It can take years to build your brand and your following. You will need to make some sacrifices along the way. You’re not going to get noticed overnight, despite what the “gurus” say.

passive income in 2018

Starting Your Own Website Is Important

If you want passive income in 2018 to work, you will need your own blog or website. This should preferably be on a paid domain. Free domains are fine if you just want to put a few ads in place, but you can’t do much affiliate marketing through them. Nor can you build a good authoritative base through them.

You’ll need your own domain name and I recommend SiteGround for that. I renewed my hosting through SiteGround in August and despite a previous hosting site offering me a great deal to return, I’ve chosen to stick with where I am now.

Web Hosting

The hosting is on-point. When I had a problem with not being able to get onto my sites, the guys behind the Live Chat helped as much as they could. They talked me through steps to take to check on the issue and worked with me until the situation was resolved. They’re friendly, patient and knowledgeable, which is something you really need from a web host.

But I’ve only had downtime twice in the last 18 months of being with them. And that downtime lasted for an hour at the most. Any web host that tells you that there shouldn’t be any downtime is lying. Technology breaks. Servers get overcrowded. Things happen.

In fact, the second downtime had nothing to do with SiteGround. It was linked to my internet provider! So, technically it wasn’t even downtime. Once I got my internet solved, my sites loaded perfectly fine. I recommend visiting to find the fastest internet provider in Dallas.

SiteGround is also affordable. I have one of the higher-priced plans, but that’s because I have multiple domains. It was important for me to have the opportunity to grow right away. But if you want a single domain host, SiteGround keeps it affordable. Then there’s the opportunity to go up a step if you need to.

I don’t want to disappoint you, but quite honestly, passive income in 2018 isn’t through other sites. It’s not going to be through the likes of Blasting News, SiteGround in August and others. It’s time to step out on your own two feet and take a risk. There are so many benefits to having your own domain to grow and the way passive income is going is just one of them.

Are you still trying to make passive income in 2018 work? What steps are you going to take? Share your journey plans in the comments below.

Sign up for SiteGround web hosting below.

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