How to Hire Freelance Writers

How to Hire Freelance Writers

Hire Freelance Writers
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If you’ve decided that freelance writers are people you want to hire, you need to find the perfect ones. Determine your budget and then take a few steps to find someone who will work with you.

While you have a budget in mind, remember that the writers will have their own rates. If you have a very low budget, you’ll need to talk to the writers to make sure they’ll be able to accommodate you.

Many freelance writers are fed up of people expecting them to work for $5 a post – they want an hourly rate of at least $50 per hour!

  • Should you find native freelance writers? A question that many people ask is whether they really need a native speaker. This depends on your needs – there are some writers who have learnt the language and write it better than natives! Some people prefer native writers to get a local knowledge of the place added into their projects.


  • Research the writers available: there are plenty of freelance writers in the world. Take your time to go through the various ones available. Narrow your choices by finding those who write within your niche or within your area.


  • Study the websites: you can find out a lot from the website. It should be clear of spelling and grammar mistakes to be able to show off their capabilities. Most will also have links to samples or a blog that shows off their style.


  • Check the samples: a writer should have a sample of all the different types of writing they do, including press releases, eBooks, articles and blog posts. They require different amounts of research and different writing styles. If you find a writer great at blogging, it doesn’t mean he or she will be great at eBooks or fiction writing. Look through all the samples to make sure the freelance writers can do everything you will need.


  • Contact them: freelance writers will want to know about your project and want you to get in touch. Send them an email, connect with them on LinkedIn or message their writer’s page on Facebook – their preferred way of getting in touch will be on their website. Give them the details about your project, including any budget that you have, the type of writing you’re looking for (blogs, articles etc.) and the duration of the project (just a week, short-term, long-term etc.). It’s worth getting in touch with a few writers to see how they respond to your project. If you’re not sure about anything, always ask questions!


  • Be open to negotiation: writers will likely want to negotiate their own terms. If the pay is low, they may be willing to do it for their own author by-line. They may want to look at more pay for the work or reduce the amount they write – or not include photos within the price. If this is a writer that you really want, be open to negotiation.

When it comes to hiring a freelance writer, give yourself time. You don’t want to rush into the decision. You can give trials to the different writers but they will expect to be paid.

Talk to writers about their rates and be open to negotiation – most freelance writers will be open to this too.

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