Just Strong review: Good clothing, slow communication

Just Strong Review

Just Strong review: Good clothing, slow communication

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I recently became an ambassador for Just Strong. Here is my first Just Strong review after experiencing the shipping for myself.

If you’re looking for athletic wear, you may have come across Just Strong. This is a UK brand, but it ships internationally. I recently became an ambassador, which meant I got a chance to experience the shipping and the clothing to see if this is worth recommending to my readers.

Whether I stay an ambassador or not is another thing. I’m mixed on my experience. I want to make sure I’m upfront and honest about anything that I recommend or review. It’s not the clothing that’s a problem but the slowness of communication and shipping.

What is Just Strong?

The brand is owned by Thrive Brands, and the main shipping is located in the UK. It offers clothing for women of all sizes, and that is something that drew me to the store in the first place. This is about empowering everyone regardless of body shape and size.

The clothing is athletic, but you don’t need to wear it for that. I love joggers and leggings for everyday use. There are also T-shirts, sports bras, shorts, and more.

It is possible to get your own branding put onto the clothing. This is great if you want to promote your business when you’re at the gym or when you’re wearing the clothing casually. I haven’t tested this part out yet, so I can’t comment on the quality of the printing.

Just Strong review

The clothing is great. It’s sized well. In fact, I think it’s pretty true to size. I got the XL in pants because I know sizing can be hit and miss, but I wish that I’d got the large instead. The XL joggers are a little big. My one complaint is that they don’t have a drawstring to be able to tighten the waist, so I do need to buy another pair to get the smaller size instead of finding a way to make the XL work.

the sports bra that I got is a great fit and it’s comfortable to wear. The material is a little thinner to a lot of yoga bras that I have, but not to the point where the quality fails. It’s just a little more breathable than most of the other material that I have for yoga bras. I’m putting this as a win.

The part that really disappointed me was the communication. All orders online are through Shop Pay. That’s fine; I have the app and I use Shop Pay a lot for other online orders. However, the order in the app didn’t update for when it was being shipped out. It was only updated when it arrived to my house, and it still doesn’t say that it was delivered.

I had to get in touch with Customer Service to find out when items would be shipped out. There was nothing in my emails to tell me this, and after about a week after placing the order, I still hadn’t heard from them about my order. When I got in touch, it took three days for a reply. That’s not too bad for a business as most will say 24-48 hours, but there was nothing in an automatic response to say when I could expect a response or anything like that, which has become normal with today’s technology.

International shipping always takes longer than domestic. All I wanted was to know when it would be shipped and a rough idea of delivery—which package would they opt for shipping? I think this part could be improved, and it is what stops me from ordering again. I can go elsewhere to get good quality athletic clothing and not have the unknown about when packages will come through.

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What do you think of the brand? Will you order items from Just Strong? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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