Know who your audience is before you start marketing your WAHM business

Know Your Target Audience for Your WAHM Business

Know who your audience is before you start marketing your WAHM business

As a work at home mom, everything you do needs to count. Running a WAHM business is already tough enough, you really need to know everything about how to start a new business, so you need to make sure your marketing is aimed at the right people. You can also approach an SEO expert like Damon Burton to ask for some tips and ideas to make sure that you’re on the right track! You need to know who your target audience is and for this you need the help of a company that offers an on page seo service.

It doesn’t matter what your business is or what you do. As a writer, I need to know who my blog posts are for before I even start. There’s no point me telling you how to groom your dog when you’re looking for work at home mom tips, right? So, I need to know what you want from me to make sure my content is right for you. if you need help formal an expert visit

That means you need to know who your WAHM business is aimed towards to make sure your marketing is right.

When you don’t market for your audience

Before I get into the hows of marketing for your audience, I want to touch on what happens if you don’t follow this #1 WAHM business tip. If you don’t think about who your audience is, you’re not going to know what to write about or ho to market, and there are good ideas like using social media for this. You don’t know what you need to offer. After all, you want to offer something for that audience, making sure they get the information they want from your blog posts or your marketing, since there are different ways to use marketing in your businesses, including blogs and affiliate marketing, and that’s why there are also services which can help, for example you can work with the GrooveFunnels affiliate program which is a great option for affiliate marketing for businesses.

For example, say you run a dating site for men looking for women. If you market towards women, you’re marketing towards the wrong people. If you market towards men looking for men, you’re aiming towards the wrong audience. If you’re still new to all of this, you might want to consider getting help from a PPC agency for better marketing of your business.

If you offer a dog sitting business but you’re marketing towards people with all types of pets, you’re possibly marketing towards those with reptiles or cats. Are you willing to pet sit them or are you only aiming towards those with dogs?

Does your business offer photography? What type of photography? If you’re a wedding photographer, you need to market towards brides and grooms looking for wedding photographers. There’s no point aiming towards people looking for landscape photographers or those who want baby photos.

Now I’m going to share my tips for making sure you think about your audience and know who they are. I’ll split this between the three main types of online writing: blogging, revenue share, and private clients.

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Making my #1 writing tip work for your WAHM business

This is possibly one of the easiest parts of marketing. When you set up a business, you already have an idea of who your ideal client is. You already have a business idea in mind, something that you know you’ll enjoy doing. If you will like to make it even easier for you, simply consider hiring experts like NextDoor Marketing.

But from that point, you need to get deeper.

I’ll use my experience in blogging as an example. Why I moved towards the work at home lifestyle, I knew that I wanted to attract people like me—in other words, WAHM moms. I have needed to change up some of my blog posts to make sure they speak to you rather than speak to anyone who works from home or those who work out of the home.

A lot of my focus recently has been on the business side of things. I will offer tips on the parenting and lifestyle side of things over the coming weeks, but the business side is a big part for WAHMs, is it not?

You need to figure out who your target audience is and the type of content they are likely going to want to see. This is where it all comes down to setting up a persona.



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Set up a persona for your WAHM business

Andy Defrancesco suggests that before you start marketing anywhere, you want to create a persona. This isn’t for you but for your audience. Think about the ideal audience. Who are they? How old are they? How do they browse online? What are their interests?

You want to get as much information about your ideal customer as possible. Put together the reasons they’re visiting your business and what they want to learn. I have a persona created for who I’m writing to right now. For another blog, I’ll have another persona. When it comes to writing at Hidden Remote or Amazon Adviser, I have a completely different persona I’m writing to.

With a persona in mind, it’s possible to create marketing that will resonate with your audience. You tailor your content specifically for them. And if this is your ideal customer, then your ideal customer will show up on your site and is more likely to bookmark it.

Know Who Your Target Audience is for your WAHM BUsiness

How do you make sure you know who your audience is? Share your WAHM business tips below.

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