6 life events you need to keep off social media

Life events to keep off social media

6 life events you need to keep off social media

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Social media is a double-edged sword. There are certain things that you’ll want to keep off Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else.

Social media is a great way to keep in touch with friends and update them on your lives. I use it all the time to make sure my family across the sea can see what my children are up to and how we’re all doing—and I don’t just put the happy stuff up.

However, it is also a place that puts your whole life on the public internet. Anybody can see what you are up to and can find out more about you. It can be used to your disadvantage.

There are certain aspects of your life and events that happen that you really need to keep off social media or any public aspect of the internet.

Keep private moments off social media

Keep anything private about your life away from the public eye. Your friends do not want to know what you get up to in the bedroom, and they do not need to know about your pillow talk. While there are some aspects you find funny, your friends may not. Your other half will not want your private life posted all over the public forums either.

If there are certain friends that you often share this sort of thing with, do it in private. There is a private messaging function on the majority of social media sites. But it could be best just to meet with your friends and just talk to them.

Fights you and others are having

There’s no need to fight in public on social media. You can have a rant by all means, but keep the actual arguing and fighting with one another to private messages. While some will like to grab some popcorn to watch the arguing continue, they will also wonder about the type of person you are for arguing in this way. There could also be some things you have said on the public forums that you wanted to keep private.

Keep the fighting to private messaging if you have no other way to get in contact with people. Avoid the passive aggressive posts too. People don’t want to play guessing games about who you’re ranting about now. They will get bored, and you’ll start to lose your friends.

Celebrities do this all the time. Just look at all the Twitter fights that leave us looking down on people we once admired because they couldn’t keep the fight private.

Your crudest thoughts don’t need to go on Facebook

Keep your crude thoughts to yourself. Yes, you have them—so does everyone else—but that doesn’t mean they need to be shared. Not only does that let people into the way your mind works, but it also shares some questionable content with younger people.

While most social media is for 13-year-olds or older, there are under-13s who use it. Do you really want them to read some of the things you write?

But what about crude jokes? Well, this can depend. Do you usually go around telling crude jokes? If people are used to that sense of humor from you then certainly be yourself. You might want to limit the jokes as much as possible though.

Details of your love life on social media

You’re all loved up and you want people to know. That doesn’t mean you need to share every detail about it. Yes, tag your partner in your posts when you have a joint update to make, and share the funny, innocent thing he said at dinner. However, keep the rest of your relationship just for the two of you.

Your friends won’t be the only people who appreciate that. Your partner will appreciate it too. He/she may not want everything spread across the whole of a public forum, especially when it comes to embarrassing moments.

That being said there are some moments that are worth sharing. I shared my separation from my husband with details why so I could capture everyone I needed. I didn’t want to message too many people at once

Your diet and exercise regime

People don’t need to know the ins and outs of your diet or exercise pattern. They don’t need to know you’re going to the gym for the fourth time that day, or that you’re doing one of those dangerous crash diets.

Things like this make you look like you’re seeking attention. If you’re on a diet and you need to let people know for reunions or meeting for lunch, do it privately instead of telling the whole world!

But what about when you want to celebrate? Why not find a few Facebook groups to share your weight loss journey with? There are plenty of like-minded people who want to hear just how much of a bad week you’ve had or to celebrate that 4lb weight loss this week. When it comes to meeting those milestones, like having undergone gastric bypass surgery in London, losing 50 pounds, or reaching a goal, definitely share that publicly. You deserve it after all that hard work!

Your drinking and partying antics

You’ve got a wedding coming up and want to share your excitement. That’s understandable and perfectly fine. However, you don’t need to share your drinking habits for the night or an update throughout to say how tipsy you are. You also don’t need to share all your partying habits every single night of the week!

Keep the updates to a minimum and just enjoy your time instead. Also, avoid sharing any photos of the bride and groom unless they ok it beforehand. Most couples want to share their own photos first to make sure the first photo of their day is one that they love. Then exploring different aspects of wedding planning, it’s important to consider what will make your day truly stand out. Adding a photo booth is a creative way to achieve this, offering a blend of entertainment and keepsakes. With various customizable options available, it’s easy to match the booth to your wedding theme. For further details on these services, take a moment to check out a range of fun and memorable options.

Look, I put all my drunken photos up when I was in university. I’ve since made them all private so only I see them. I don’t need friends or my family members seeing it, and I don’t need potential future bosses or clients seeing them.

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Think before you post. Social media has given people a platform for quickly getting their thoughts out, but people don’t want to see everything. Private information is still best left private.

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