How Do I Manage So Many Blogs?

How Do I Manage So Many Blogs?

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I’m going to keep this short for today. I had a question last year when I mentioned that I have at least six blogs. I have more, but some of them have died or are at least dormant.

The question was how could I possibly manage so many blogs. Especially when I have my eBooks being written, other websites to write on and my private clients. Then I look after my daughter and I have my Weight Watchers classes.

It does seem like a lot, right? Well, it seems like it but it really isn’t.

Over the last few months, there have been changes but that’s only to make my schedule a little more manageable. But how do I manage it all in the first place?

I’ve already given the secret away!

That’s right. I have a schedule. Without this, I wouldn’t stand a chance.

My schedule works for my needs and is flexible depending on other things happening in my life. Sometimes I need to move a few things around due to taking on extra work from my clients. Sometimes I need to wait until later in the day to work on something else because my internet has decided to play up. But the way I’ve created my schedule allows for that.

Each of my blogs has a specific day that I write on it. For example, Tuesdays is always the day for this blog—at least, in most cases. There have been times I’ve written on Monday instead but I try to stick to Tuesdays. Saturdays is the day for my student survival blog and Thursdays is the day for my weight loss one. Those are just examples.

I always plan the posts on the Saturday afternoon/Sunday evening to make sure I can just check the topic and start writing. That helps to keep the time spent blogging to a minimum.

I really recommend setting up a schedule, whether you have one blog or 100 blogs. It helps me manage so many blogs, and I really think it will help you, too!

Alexandria Ingham is a professional writer. She predominately ghost-writes in various niches, including fitness, finance and technology Everything is fully researched and well-written. Under her own name, she writes in the technology, business, history and weight loss niches

17 thoughts on “How Do I Manage So Many Blogs?

  1. Alexandria,

    Good for you! I keep telling myself that I’m going to set up an editorial content calendar, but I have yet to do so. I have three blogs. One I’ve started blogging on again, one I need to get back to, and the other I no longer want. Plus I have my business website that I need to revamp, starting marketing, and posting content to it’s blog page.

    I think what holds me up is that I haven’t completed the tasks of setting up my business website. I think I need to step back and put everything else on hold until I’ve completed all the tasks on my list for the business website and once I’ve gotten all them done, I can better manage a set schedule.

    But I agree, having a schedule makes all the difference in managing so many blogs.

    1. Good luck with your blogs, Cynthia. It is so easy to make excuses why we can’t or don’t want to blog. I hope you get your business website set up soon. It is time to put it first and then you can get on with everyone else. Maybe a schedule will help you do that. There are a few things that I keep saying I will do, and then don’t actually get done. I need to be more strict with myself to get them done!

  2. oohh now isn’t that the truth! LOL!

    Totally having a schedule in place just simply makes life so much easier to manage. I do not like when people often complain that they don’t have enough “time” but my thing is manage your time and don’t let time manage you.

    Oh and thanks for the secret LOL that is phenomenal.

    1. Haha, I still complain that I don’t have time as there are days when it just seems to run away from me because I have so much to get in. But managing my time and managing my schedule definitely helps to keep that complaint to a minimum. Getting up early has really helped me with that one so I get a few quiet hours while everyone else is either still in bed or gone to work 🙂

  3. I used to have multiple blogs but have since merged most of them. I find one to be enough for me.
    If I do ever start another blog I will make sure I can handle the one before adding another.

    1. I can’t merge mine as they cover different niches and are for very different audiences. Glad to hear that you managed to find a way to work your multiple blogs, though. It is important to manage one before you start another. I have three more that I want to create, but am working on managing the ones I have plus everything else first.

  4. For ‘schedule’ I insert ‘routine’. I thrive on repetition. Every day, I stick to the same program, finding a news story that appeals and that I relate to. Breaking for breakfast, completing the blog and then sharing my work so someone will read it. Hehe. That’s the reward.

    1. That makes sense, Francene. Glad to hear that it’s become your routine. Eventually, my schedule has become my routine. It’s just so normal that I struggle to do anything different.

    1. Yes, while a schedule is great, you do need to stick to it. It’s easy to just put things off to tomorrow–and then tomorrow never comes!

    1. It is difficult when that gets in the way. I’m a writer by trade, so it’s all part of my day’s work. Even when other things in life happen, my schedule really helps me stay on track or has space for me to catch up where necessary.

  5. I only have my one blog-it’s still fairly new, and I’ve never thought about doing a second. I do enough different things on my blog, it’s easy just to incorporate something new!

    1. I like to write on different topics and prefer to keep my blogs specific to one niche. So, it’s not that easy to incorporate everything into the one blog. But glad to hear that it’s working for you.

    1. Thanks for your comment and your social share, Joan. It is easy to get overwhelmed without a schedule. I know from experience!

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