How to Move Country and Write at the Same Time

How to Move Country and Write at the Same Time

How to Move Country and Write at the Same TimeThe last four months have been spent moving country. I’ve still kept up with my writing business and learned some lessons along the way.

Now that I’m finally setup with an internet connection in my apartment, it’s time to share my tips on how to move country and write at the same time. This is the first (and hopefully last) time that I’ve done this, so I did have a lot to learn.

Don’t Put Too Much on Your Plate

I made a mistake with this and have learnt from it. However, I did drop a lot of work, especially during the last month of the move.

You see, there was so much to do around the house. We had belongings to sell, items to pack and babies to look after. On top of that, I needed to bring in plenty of money to give us a buffer in the move and the first month. I needed to make sure the house was clean and people were fed the whole time. Plus, we had to arrange for movers, like movers London Ontario, to help with the heavy lifting and transportation of our belongings.

I couldn’t have done it if I kept my work efforts at the same level as most months. I had to let a few clients go and drop some of the sites that I write at. Some of them I’ll pick back up now that I’ve finished with the move. I’ll have the time to find clients again.

My blogs also suffered and I’ve got to build them again. I can do that though!

As I said, I made a mistake. I took on too much work and the quality suffered. I’ll learn from that to avoid doing it again. I know now that hiring residential movers or office moving specialists can really be a lifesaver! Those who need temporary storage for their belongings during the move may consider renting a self storage unit.

Let Clients Know

One of the worst things is not letting people know what you’re doing. I decided to let clients know that I was moving country so they knew why my output had dropped.

Most were completely understandable. They were also happy for me to take on more work when I returned, because our job roles changed.

Not letting clients know would have raised questions. It would have certainly caused problems when it came to the quality issue. Luckily, I had some very understanding clients.

Keep a Track Offline

Not having a constant internet connection doesn’t mean you can’t write. There are lots of ways to do things offline, and I used the time to keep a journal of the move. The plan is to turn it into a blog to keep track of the first year.

It’s worth doing things offline when you can. Create blog posts in bulk so you have something to post later. With one of the sites I write at, I’ve stepped back from doing history today posts until August. That gives me time to get a few posts together before they all start going live. I’ll be ahead if there is a problem at all.

Try not to rely on the internet too much. I’ve found after three weeks of no home internet connection that I can survive around it but that’s because I was willing to do things offline when I needed it.

Create Ideas for Blog Posts

If you can’t do some work offline and don’t want to keep a journal, why not use the time to create blog post ideas? I have a notebook that is full of title ideas for now that I’m back.

This is especially important for me as I have a lot of blogs to revive. I have plenty of sites that I want to cover for residual income. The more prepared I am, the better it will be when it comes to the writing.

These tips won’t just help you when you move country. They’ll also help you keep working when you come to moving home or suffer some downtime in the internet. Use the time wisely. Moving country doesn’t mean you can’t keep writing.

Alexandria Ingham is a professional writer. She predominately ghost-writes in various niches, including fitness, finance and technology Everything is fully researched and well-written. Under her own name, she writes in the technology, business, history and weight loss niches

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