Why Too Much Content Is Just as Bad as Not Enough

too much content

Why Too Much Content Is Just as Bad as Not Enough

too much content
Don’t let yourself dragged into the quantity over quality mentality

There’s a big focus on quantity rather than quality, but in truth adding too much content could be just as bad as not enough. When you’re focusing on the amount of content you’re adding to your blog or website, you’re not focusing on the quality of the message or the quality of the writing.

You need to focus on the people you’re writing for.

Do you remember last month that I said I wouldn’t be participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge for January, and I may not for April? If you don’t, it was because I couldn’t focus on the quality at the time.

Quality is what brings your readers back. Here are my beliefs over why too much content is just as bad as not enough.

The Message in Your Blogs and Articles Suffer

When you put too much content out there in one go, your message is going to suffer. Your message is what is going to keep people coming back. It needs to answer questions, solve problems and give people direction.

If the amount you’re writing is your main goal, you’ll start writing anything that comes to your head. You’ll not necessarily stick to the plan you’ve created—and that’s if you’ve even had time to create your plan.

You’re not going to have the time to think about the content and whether it’s really answering that question or helping with that problem. In the end, you could have a lot of fluff that means absolutely nothing to the reader.

Your Writing Skills Suffer

Too much content leads to poor writing skills. You’re so focused on the amount that you’re writing that you forget about general spelling and grammar.

Your actual topic might be great and the stuff you’re writing about will help millions, but they just can’t get past your poor grammar and atrocious spelling. It’s detracting them from your writing and they end up looking for someone else who can help them.

When you’re so focused on getting more out there, you don’t give yourself the time to proofread everything.

Not only will this affect your readership; it also affects the sales of your products or services. If you’re going to let your writing quality slide in favor of quantity, are you going to let your product quality slide in favor of creating and selling more?

Too Much Content Leads to a Lack of Ideas

When you post more, you need to come up with more. What are you going to write about next week? Where is your inspiration going to come from?

A lack of ideas is common in those who are burnt out and that often comes from focusing too much on quantity and not quality. Take a break and step away from your blog or the articles you’re posting and you may find that the ideas soon come back.

You’re Overwhelming Your Audience

There will be people who sign up to your blog through the RSS feed or your email list. When they get a post or two a week, they’ll be happy that you’re keeping in touch and offering something valuable.

However, if you’re sending a new post out every single day or two times a day, you’re going to start overwhelming them. They won’t have the time to read everything and it will seem like spam more often than not. It leads to them clicking the unsubscribe link and that is something you really don’t want them to do!

You Stop Loving What You’re Doing

If you’re a writer, you’re doing it because you love the job. You like the research and creating something that helps others. Well, I know I do and many other writers have started for the very same reason.

When you start posting a lot of content, it requires more work. You’re spending more time on the computer and less with your family. You start to fall out of love with the one thing that you enjoyed. Trust me; I’ve been there and know what it’s like to suffer burn out.

Your Business Suffers

As a writer or a business owner, too much content leads to other parts of the business suffering. You can’t work with your customers as much as you’d like or offer them the personalized service you once did.

You’re focusing more on the content and less on the other parts of marketing. Your product or service creation suffers and you start to lose money. In the end, you may not even have a business to write about! Is that something that you really want to happen?

So, the next time you’re thinking about adding an extra day to your blogging schedule or think you need to create more posts each month, think again. Too much content can be just as bad as not enough; and in some cases it can be worse.

Make sure you focus on high quality, interesting and helpful posts. They will get more people following, reading and interested in you!

Have you got a story to tell about posting too much content? Feel free to share your comments below.

Alexandria Ingham is a professional writer. She predominately ghost-writes in various niches, including fitness, finance and technology Everything is fully researched and well-written. Under her own name, she writes in the technology, business, history and weight loss niches

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