Welcome to my blog dedicated to helping you become a freelance blogger.

This is where I will talk about my work as a writer and offer tips to those budding writers and bloggers. Along the road, I’ll go into the business side of things. Much of this will be personal tips and tricks that I have found over the last few years of writing content online and anything I learn in the future. I am always picking up tips and I don’t think it is ever possible to know too much or enough.

As you will see from my website, I am a full-time writer. I am predominately a technology writer under my own name but also focus on the niches of weight loss, history, business and weddings. When ghost-writing, I write about the topics that people want. I’ve written about internet marketing and SEO, pregnancy, optometry, personal finance and fitness.

If you ever have any questions about writing and blogging, freelancing, running a business and marketing then please do get it touch. I typically respond to emails within one business day, and try to help as much as possible.

I know what it is like starting out and the problem with finding places to work. I know what it is like working for content mills and thinking that you are trapped in that system. I know what it is like wondering whether you will have enough clients for the month but being afraid of getting that letter of introduction to the big magazines in case of rejection.

There is no need to be afraid! Take action today!

I’d love to help you become a freelance blogger right now.

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