Social Media Tips

Why I Archived My Facebook Group

There are many people currently archiving their free Facebook groups. I didn’t want to become one of them, but in the end, I needed to. However, one thing I’ve not done is state I’m only making my Facebook support available through paid groups. I don’t have any Facebook group at all now. Why would I […]

Writing Tips

Where Have I Been These Last Two Months?

It’s been more than two months since I last posted on this blog. I actually have something sitting in drafts ready to go, but it never got scheduled to go live. Then I seemed to drop off the face of the planet, right? I’ve barely been active on my Facebook page and I archived my […]

Writing Tips

When Is the Best Time to Post Seasonal Content?

There are two main types of content you can create: seasonal and evergreen. You may cover news as well, but seasonal and evergreen are going to be the two you focus on the most. They are as they sound. Evergreen is suitable throughout the year. It never really dates, although you may need to freshen […]

Business and Freelancing

Get More Clients with an Interact Quiz

Have you ever thought about using quizzes on your website? You’ll likely see them for TV shows, giving you the chance to show your knowledge or decipher the character you’d be. But they can also be a powerful marketing tool. An Interact quiz could be just what you need. This is something I’m testing at […]

Residual Income

How YouTube has Just Supported My Point about Passive Income in 2018

Recently I shared a post about my honest view about passive income in 2018. Days later I received an email to tell me that my YouTube account would soon be no longer suitable for ads. YouTube’s actions prove my point about passive income this year. The video-sharing website is moving the goal posts. To be […]

Residual Income

My Honest Thoughts About Passive Income in 2018

I’ve had a lot of questions about sites that I recommend to earn passive income or just to make money anyway through. Each time I’ve not really answered or I’ve shared that working on your own blogs is the way. Of course, it’s not the answer people want. They want actual websites that they can […]

Freelance Writing

5 Reasons You Need a Jaw-Dropping Awe-Inspiring Website

When someone asks me how to make more money writing, I ask them to see their website. You know what I hear? They don’t have one! That’s the biggest mistake you could possibly make. You need to have a website – think of it as your online calling card. And I say this from experience. […]


Inquisitr Review: Why I’ve Decided to Quit Writing at Inquisitr

It’s time for another update on the writing site known as Inquisitr. While I could have put in a quick update on my last Inquisitr review, I’ve decided to make another post. Why? Well, this is a big one. You should be able to tell that from the title. I’ve quit writing at Inquisitr. I […]

Residual Income

Are There Any Blasting News Alternatives?

If you’ve found me here, you’re looking for Blasting News alternatives because you don’t like the site. You love the writing but it’s not paying enough or you don’t trust the site owners. Quite honestly I understand it. I get a lot of questions about other places to write and I wish I could just […]

Residual Income

Is Pay Per View for Writers Dying?

A lot of pay per view writing sites are closing down or changing their payment structures. Some are no longer paying writers at all, while others are changing their payment models in a way that is turning writers off in droves. This isn’t a new thing. Back when Google Panda was first released, Suite101 changed […]

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