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Top Freelance Writing Mistakes New Writers Make But Can Avoid

Update: This post originally share 5 freelance writing mistakes that are common in new writers. On March 17, 2017 it was updated to include two more and reorganize a few paragraphs. We can all go back over our old content and update it. New freelance writers often struggle with where to start. They look at […]

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Writing for Content Mills: Are They Worth the Pay?

When I started writing I used content mills. I shared that in Time Management Tuesday, sharing why content mills for writers aren’t really a waste of time. It is a controversial stance to take. I’m going to share another controversial stance in this updated post for Throwback Thursday. Content mills can be worth the pay. Writing for content […]

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Analysis of the Benefits of the New Facebook Graph Search

Facebook has released a new feature. This is nothing as time-consuming as the Timeline that was released in 2012. The Facebook Graph Search offers many benefits for local marketers, as long as their page is ready for it. You could soon find that you gain more customers or clients with half the work. Focus on […]

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Starting Your Freelance Writing Career: 5 Tips to Find Success

I can’t tell you the amount of people I see who think freelance writing is the easiest career to get into. There’s the view that if you can write (well or not) you can start making money online. Well, it’s really not that simple. to find success when starting your freelance writing career, you need […]

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Combat Procrastination: 5 Tips to Avoid or Beat Procrastination

Do you need to combat procrastination? Is this something that takes up the hours in your day with nothing to show for it? Procrastination is annoying. Everyone struggles with it now and then, whether they’re on a long project, writing short blog posts or even researching a favorite subject. You may not even realize you’re […]

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How to Hire Freelance Writers

If you’ve decided that freelance writers are people you want to hire, you need to find the perfect ones. Determine your budget and then take a few steps to find someone who will work with you. While you have a budget in mind, remember that the writers will have their own rates. If you have […]

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How to Deal with Writer’s Block

One thing that I hate is writer’s block. It stops me in the middle of a story, article or blog post and it leads to half finished work. I’m sure you’ve suffered from it, too. The sooner we get over writer’s block, the better. The trick is to figuring out why writer’s block has occurred. […]

Freelance Writing

Being a Freelance Writer: 5 Tips to Stay Thin

From personal experience, working from home as a freelance writer makes it easy to gain weight. You sit at the computer all day and it’s easy to fall into the habit of staying at the desk and not leaving the house. After all, you know you need to keep writing to earn more money. Of course, […]

Freelance Writing

How to Become a Professional Writer

Think you have the skills to become a professional writer? That isn’t all that you need. A good writer will be able to produce content on a regular basis, write in the style of the publication, blog or website and know about SEO and internet marketing. A good writer will be able to produce content […]

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