How this narrow side table will help organize your desk

Organize your desk with a side table

How this narrow side table will help organize your desk

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You don’t need a lot of cabinets for your home office. Organize your desk with a narrow side table instead.

You don’t need to get office specific items for your home. Sometimes, bedroom items are going to be just what you need. And that’s certainly the case with this narrow side table from Amazon.

It’s the AMHANCIBLE Narrow Side Table*. It comes with fabric drawers and a charging station. The only thing that it may not be able to hold is your printer, but there are so many smaller options for printers now!

This is perfect if you have a small office space in another room in the house. It’s about 23in in height (so just higher than you usually would sit) and just short of 12in in width to fit nicely next to your desk. It’s time to organize your desk so you work more productive on a daily basis. Here’s how this table is going to work.

Have a space to charge your phone while you work

If you’re like me, you have your phone, ear pods, and more charging while you’re working. You need to make sure you’re ready for when you’re on the go. That usually means finding a spare plug in the office to get things going.

Not anymore. This side table comes with a charging section on the top. You can plug in your devices without climbing under your desk. You only need to get underneath the once to plug in the table. Now you can charge everything you need.

There is also a space for adding a lamp or a USB port. That means more room to be able to charge items. That’s if you don’t want to put a small pen storage on top.

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Drawer space for all your needs to organize your desk

A lot of desks now don’t come with drawers. I find that annoying, and it’s why I haven’t gotten rid of my art desk. However, I keep looking, and one day, I am going to have to make a switch. I need drawers, and this side table* is perfect.

It comes with three drawers. They are deep enough to fit everything you need from your office. I would recommend getting drawer splitters so you can keep everything you need completely organized. Use the top drawer for your pens and notebooks, and then work your way down for all the items that you don’t use as often.

The drawers are made of fabric material, so you don’t end up with the annoying sound of the desk drawer rolling out. You know that ends up waking sleeping toddlers!

Plus, with the drawers being fabric, nothing is going to get damaged if it slides around the drawer as you open and close.

Match your current office décor

The unit comes in three colors. You can opt for a plain black topper with the black drawers. Or you can get a wood color or a grey/white color. The downside is all the drawers come in black.

Of course, you can switch out the drawers. You’ll need to make sure you find drawers that are the same size and shape, though. This isn’t always that easy, so you may just have to put up with the black drawers. At least you can get a topper that is the same color as your current desk.

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Get the AMHANCIBLE Narrow Side Table from Amazon* right now.

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