Why you need a standing desk converter when working from home

Why you need a standing desk converter when working from home

Why you need a standing desk converter when working from home

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When you’re working from home, you need to make sure your home office is set up in a way to help you. It’s time to get a standing desk converter.

As the pandemic started, a lot of businesses went remote. Those who could work from home did work from home, and that’s the way it’s been for a lot of people.

It was a time when a lot of people started looking at desks. I know because I used this time to look for a new desk idea as the one that I had just wasn’t working for me. I’ve been working from home since the end of 2010, and I decided it was time to get a standing desk.

As I looked around, I saw a standing desk converter*. This was perfect for a few reasons. Here’s why you need to get one.

You get the benefits of a standing desk when working from home

There’s no need to spend the money on a whole new desk set up. With a standing desk converter, you keep your current desk and put this converter on top. There were some downsides for me at first, but I got used to them. It was more of a matter of change.

I get all the benefits of a standing desk with the converter. I can spend some of my working hours standing up instead of constantly sitting down. This is important for your back and your posture. I’ve also found it’s better for my physical health overall. When I’m taking a break, I do squats or I’ll march on the spot instead of just sitting down and scrolling on my phone.

You don’t need to stand the whole day. The converter easily slides up and down so you can work as you prefer.

A standing desk converter costs less

The one thing that had me sold on the converter over a whole new desk was that it would cost less. A new desk would have been around $500, but the converter was only $129 at the time that I bought it. There are some great deals on standing desk converters on Amazon* if you need to get one.

You can end up putting the money you save into another part of your business. Or you can save it for yourself.

All the benefits are the same. You still stand up when you need to and sit down when you want. The only thing you’re really missing is the pre-programmed settings, but this will depend on the converter and the desk.

You get to keep your current desk

If you’ve been working from home for a while, you likely already have a desk. And you like that desk. It has the drawer space that you need, and it’s in the color that you prefer. You don’t really want to have to change the way the setup is completely.

One of the downsides of a new standing desk outside of cost for me was the lack of drawer space. I didn’t like that I would lose it all and have to figure out what to do instead. With the standing desk topper, I was able to just place the device on top of my current desk.

There was no need to get rid of my drawer space.

I am in the market for a new desk now, but not as a standing desk. I’m looking at L-shaped desks again. I prefer these and I can still use my topper for one side.


What do you need for your office? Are you looking at a standing desk? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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