Why you need an accountability partner as a WAHM

Why you need a WAHM accountability partner

Why you need an accountability partner as a WAHM

Do you have a WAHM accountability partner? Have you ever even heard of one?

If the answer to either of those questions is no, you need to read this. A WAHM accountability partner is the best thing you can have. Not only do you need one for your business, but you need one for your life in general.

What is an accountability partner?

Okay, before you even start to understand the whys of accountability partnerships, you need to understand what one is. An accountability partner is just what it sounds like. Someone helps to hold you accountable to your goals and vice versa.

The way my accountability partner and I set things up is that we set goals on a Sunday night and email each other those goals on a Monday morning. On a Friday, we share how we did with those goals.

I only ever set up to three goals for the week. I don’t need any more than that. My goals are work-orientated, but they don’t need to be. My accountability partner sometimes sets goals on homeschooling hours or things she’ll do with her children.

During the week, we can email each other if we need a kick. Something may have got in the way and we’re way behind on meeting our goals, so on a Wednesday, I may email to say “Boost needed” or “This week is hard! I’m rejigging my goals.”

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Why you need a WAHM accountability partner

When you go into any sort of business, having an accountability partner is good for you. This is someone who will hold you up to your goals, but also give you support along the way.

Working from home is lonely. It’s why I have a few online groups that I’m part of, and I make sure I’m social in them. It’s why I sought out an accountability partner in the first place.

Having a partner is like having someone to lean on now and then. It’s someone to give a boost, and someone to share tips and advice with. It’s also someone who I’ve come to be able to rant to during the day if I need it. She’s a mom too, so she knows what it’s like trying to work at home with the kids around, especially right now!

And it’s not just about work. We can set goals for parenting, for housework, or even for just reading books! One of my goals is to read one book per week that isn’t for work (I read books to review them). I have someone who checks in on my at the end of the week.

Sure, I have to be honest. I choose to be honest. But if I lie, who am I letting down? Not my accountability partner. It’s me! That helps me stay on track.

Why you need a WAHM accountability partner

What I’ve gained from having an accountability partner

By having a WAHM accountability partner, I’ve gained the following:

  • The ability to set more distinct goals
  • Someone who understand my situation but doesn’t let me use it as an excuse
  • A person who checks in on goals
  • Someone who is likeminded in business and life
  • A person I can run things by if I get stuck
  • Someone to celebrate with when one or both of us meet our targets for the week

There’s this ability of gaining an extra boost of motivation. I have someone who helps me stay focused.

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Find yourself a WAHM accountability partner. You’ll find you gain more focus and success in business, life, parenting, and more.

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