What Do You Do When You Need Work Right Now?

What Do You Do When You Need Work Right Now?

need work right now
Do you really need work right now?

Do you need work right now?

The problem with freelancing is that it can be a windy and twisty road. One week you may be jam packed and another week you may be empty.

But what about when you need to pay the bills, right now? What do you do then? Depending on how long this has been going on for, you may find it is time to call an end to your business. However, it could just be a dry patch for a few days.

When I get a dry patch (I just had one last week), I take the following steps.

Start Marketing Again Like Crazy

I get out the marketing hat and start looking for companies, individuals and prospective websites that need content. Marketing never really stops for me but when I have a dry patch, I use the hours I would usually work to reach out to new prospects.

Sometimes, that will bring me in some new work. However, it’s at least going to fill up my calendar for the future weeks and possibly months ahead.

But wait, that doesn’t solve the right now problem. I ask again: what do you do when you need work right now?

Get In Contact with Previous Clients

I have a few clients who come to me now and then. There are some that I don’t hear from for months.

When it comes to dry patches, I’ll get in touch with some, find out how they are and whether they have and writing that I can do for them.

Sometimes, it comes back with a positive and I get some work that I wouldn’t have usually had the very next day.

When I need work right now, I usually email the clients who I know pay on time—some even pay upfront and I definitely love that.

But what if clients don’t need work doing? What about then?

I Search for Right Now Work

Sometimes, I do find the need to go back to the “right now” places of work. I may have to accept writing at a lower price than I prefer or have to suffer the content mills. I have two content mills where I’m still a member just in case I need the money.

I focus on places that I know I can make a reasonable amount to pay the bills that desperately need it.

Luckily, it hasn’t come to that for a while.

What Do You Do When You Need Work Right Now?

We all have our different options. It does depend on the type of work you do.

This is a great time to up your marketing—free ones, of course! Try to avoid getting into the position of needing work right now. Focus on improving your planning so you get paid regularly and will always have enough money for the bills.

If you find you need work right now regularly, you’re doing something wrong. Look at your cash flow and your workload and assess what you can do differently.


What do you do when you need work right now? Do you have a certain place to turn to or have you developed other tricks to get the money you need, exactly when you need it? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below.

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