When should a WAHM move on from their client?

When you first get your clients, whatever you do as a WAHM, you may envision working with them forever. That’s especially the case if they pay well and they are easy to work for. But plans change. There are all sorts of reasons you’ll want to move on from your clients. It’s not all about […]


My 5 top tips for dealing with stress on a daily basis

Stress is a huge problem. It’s something that affects our mental and physical healths on a daily basis. It also makes us more susceptible to illness. Dealing with stress on a daily basis is necessary. I know saying “deal with your stress” doesn’t help you. In fact, it likely makes you more stressed. You need […]


5 tips to make sure your children are safe on social media

Online crimes are on the rise. Social media is a dangerous place for children. While you want your children to have their freedom and connect with their friends, it’s important to follow social media safety tips. You don’t need to keep children off social media completely. I don’t allow my children on social media just […]


5 signs revenue share sites are just right for you

There are various ways to make money from home. You may dream of being a work at home mom, but may not be sure where to start. My first start was with revenue share sites, which helped me realize that writing online was possible. They’re not for everyone, but they are good for getting your […]


Want to become a freelance writer? Where do you start?

One of the ways to become a WAHM is to become a freelance writer. But now where do you start? What do you need and who do you turn to for information? Where does that elusive first client come from? You likely have far more questions than I’ve already asked for you, right? The first […]

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