Seraphic Insights Scam: Why I Don’t Recommend This Writing Site

Last month I heard about a new writing site called Seraphic Insights. I joined up because I saw a writer I trusted and followed was a moderator there. Surely that was a good sign right? It didn’t stop the questions going through my head. Was Seraphic Insights a scam? Would it turn out to be […]


4 Reasons to Add Videos to Your Blog Posts

Ever considered whether you should add videos to your blog posts? Many people seem to do it, and not just those reviewing a product, TV show or movie. More and more businesses are turning to video. And so should you. Video is an extremely powerful tool for businesses. It can be used in blog posts, […]


5 Tips to Find Great Looking Images You Can Legally Use

Copyright is a word you’ll hear a lot as an online writer. It’s not just about the copyright of your own articles, but the copyright of images that you decide to use. Before you even think about taking an image to use in your blog posts, you need to make sure you can legally use […]

Budget and Money

Why Your Blog Isn’t Making You Money

Now you’ve set your blog up, you’re waiting for people to come and visit. If you really are just sitting there and watching the stat counter—whichever one you have set up—you’re doing it all wrong. You need to get proactive if you want your blog to make you some money. If after a month or […]


3 Common Blogging Mistakes I’m Still Making, But You Shouldn’t!

I’m not perfect. I’ve always said that I’m human and while I know what to do, I don’t always do it. Does it make my a hypocrite? Well, no I don’t see it that way. I never tell people that they must do something or should always stay away from something. I tell them something […]


How Do I Manage So Many Blogs?

I’m going to keep this short for today. I had a question last year when I mentioned that I have at least six blogs. I have more, but some of them have died or are at least dormant. The question was how could I possibly manage so many blogs. Especially when I have my eBooks […]


7 Things You May Not Know About Me

There is a current thing going round on Facebook at the moment. When you’re tagged, you’re supposed to share seven things people don’t know about you. I haven’t been tagged yet, but it got me thinking. There are likely a lot of things you don’t know about me. And you deserve to know more about […]


How to Create That Work/Life Balance as a Freelance Writer

Many freelance writers start their job for one reason. They want to spend more time with their family. Well, there are likely other reasons, but the spending more time with family is a big reason for starting. After all, you get to set your own hours and work from home, right? You should be able […]

Budget and Money

Tax Time as a Freelance Writer: Do You Have Course Expenses?

Tax time as a freelance writer doesn’t need to be…well…taxing for a lack of better word. While I prefer having my accountant friend deal with most of it, I like to know if something I pay for can be classed as a business expense. It took me a long time to realize that course expenses […]

Budget and Money

Tax Time as a Freelance Writer: Claiming Your Home Office Costs

Most freelance writers work from home. While that helps to cut down on travel costs, unless you have business meetings or conferences you want to attend, there are other costs associated with home offices. There is some good news when it comes to tax time for freelance writers. There are a number of home office […]

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