To school or not to school in the summer holidays

Parenting Tips: Schooling During Summer Vacation

To school or not to school in the summer holidays

To school or not to school during summer vacation. That’s a big question for parents, especially right now. Here are my biggest parenting tips to help you figure it out. It really took me a long time to decide but I finally made the decision to send my kids to private school this summer. I hope these tips work for you as well.

Honestly, there isn’t a right or wrong answer here. Some children are going to need school during the holidays and others won’t. It’s also going to depend on your sanity as parents, in my case, I decided to educate myself and learn more about private schools in my area.

Whichever decision you make, there are going to be parents who judge you for your decisions. This leads me onto the biggest of my parenting tips of all.

Six Reasons To Teach Your Kids To Fish in Holiday

But teach a kid how to fish, and you’ve helped create a lifetime of learning, amazing experiences out on the water, and memories that will last for as long as they live… Perhaps I am a bit biased as I have seen how fishing has impacted myself, my brother, and our overall family cohesiveness… but it’s still tough to argue the lasting effects that a good day of fishing can do for a young kid.

  1. 1. Children will always appreciate scenery and the butterflies when they are put into the nature.
  2. 2. Family bonding is so important, and when you’re on the road with the whole family every day, you’re treated to a lot of bonding time.
  3. 3.Did you know that fishing can help your kids improve their coordination and balance?
  4. 4. Confidence building is so important for children, and when they go fishing and catch that fish, they’re going to feel more confident with it!
  5. 5. Being in nature is one way to ensure that your children have a much healthier lifestyle
  6. 6. You get to teach your children where their food comes from and as most children have no clue where their meat comes from, it’s a great way to start!

You do you when it comes to parenting tips!

While there are times that “you do you” doesn’t fit, schooling or not schooling in the summer isn’t one of those. If your kids want to do school or you want to set a schedule, go for it. If you don’t want to do it or you know it isn’t going to work, then don’t bother!

Parents are going to judge you either way. Stick to whatever your convictions are.

You know your children the best. You know whether they seem behind in school. You know if they need a schedule throughout the summer months.

“You do you” is one of those parenting tips I always follow for myself. I don’t really care what other parents are doing when it comes to something like this.

My children prefer to have some sort of schooling in the summer holidays. I find it better as a WAHM to have some sort of schedule that involves a little bit of schooling. That’s just what works for us.

It doesn’t work for you? Your kids want a summer vacation of running around and seeing friends? Okay then!

Of course, you’ll need to work with whatever restrictions you currently have due to the global health pandemic. Once that’s over, you will have a lot more freedom.

Homeschooling 101: A Guide to Getting Started

Set up a schedule to help keep the routine

As a child, I remember not having a routine at all. I had to find a way to keep myself busy, which involved watching TV, writing stories, and playing video games. Looking back, I think I could have done with a routine.

“I’m bored” was something I commonly said to my parents and grandparents.

It’s also something I hear a lot from my own children. If they don’t have a routine—something to tell them when they need to move onto another task and what that task will be—they struggle to do anything that doesn’t involve screens.

In our house, we limit the screens until 4 p.m. After that they can have as much screentime as they want until bedtime, except when they’re eating dinner.

This schedule also helps to keep a routine. It’s not as strict as during school time, but it’s something that helps them keep a pattern.

Without it, I wouldn’t get any work done. My kids are the sort that will come to me every 20 minutes complaining that they’re bored. They have plenty of toys to play with, including Shopkins and LEGO, but they still don’t know how to entertain themselves without some sort of direction. It’s something I’m working on! But until then, without a routine, I wouldn’t be able to be as productive as I am during the day.

As a WAHM, I need hours where I can work without interruptions. Those hours are usually when they have reading time or craft time. Not all of it is about school work, but what they do helps with school work.

Parenting Tips: Schooling During Summer Vacation

Some children can entertain themselves

You may have children that are great at entertaining themselves. Once I got a little better at taking the initiative, that’s exactly what I did. I could find ways to fill the time without the TV, usually involving story writing.

Individual play or even undirected group play is something that can come with time. You children may just need time to develop it, and one of my top parenting tips is to help do that.

If your kids can do that already, use it to your advantage. Let them be kids for the summer. There’s nothing wrong with that at all!

And if you do have time to just hang out with them (I wish I did) then take the time to just chill out. Put away the books and kick a ball around or pull out the LEGO and build with them.

You’ll have some parents in shock that you’re not doing some sort of learning. But remember, there will always be parents you judge you. Just do you!

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What are you doing with your children this summer? Are they schooling or not? Let me know in the comments below. And if you are still looking for a school, don’t forget to check this all girls catholic school option!

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