Why private clients remain the best way to make money writing

Why private clients are the best way to make money writing

Why private clients remain the best way to make money writing

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Do you want to make money writing online? You need to find private clients. They remain the best option for your needs.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t opt for other ways to make money writing. I do love blogging, and I adore writing books. However, private clients remain the best option when it comes to becoming a successful writer.

There are different types of private clients*. In some cases, you’re ghostwriting—and I recommend setting a higher rate for ghostwriting as you don’t get to use the work as samples. In other cases, you’ll get a byline, which is a great way to gain more private clients.

But why is working with private clients so lucrative? Here’s why I still have private clients despite loving other ways to make money writing.

You set your rate when working with private clients

While there will usually be a budget, private clients want to know your writing rate. They want to know how much you’d charge for their project, and you have more say in raises as you continue working with them.

This isn’t the case with blogging. If you work with ad revenue or affailiate marketing to make money, your rates are set by those programs. Sure, you can make more by selling more, but your rates are set by someone else. The same applies when you opt for revenue share with a website. Your rates are set by their revenue share.

Private clients offer you more financial freedom. If you don’t want to work with a client anymore, you can raise your rates to a point that it is either worth your while or they decide they can’t afford you. If you want new clients at a higher rate, you can go searching for them.

Yes, finding the clients can take longer, and the contracts may not be for as long. You just have more freedom when you have private clients.

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You build a relationship to make money writing

When you go to content mills, not only are you writing for pennies, but you also don’t really have a relationship with the client. You get to know some of the editors and other writers, but you don’t get to know the people you’re writing for.

When you choose private clients, you get to know the clients. You get to know their business better, and you’ll better understand their audience. This means that your writing is better for them, and they will end up seeing better results. With better results, you can see better pay, more consistent work, and longer-term contracts.

I’ve worked with one client since 2018. I try not to raise my rates too often with him as it is consistent work and he pays on time most months. I can rely on him, and I don’t want that to change. He will sometimes send on pieces that he would like to be incorporated into the blog posts, but he also trusts me to create the content myself. This type of relationship is essential in freelancing. I don’t do micromanaging clients.

You can add and remove as you need to make money writing

Do you need to add a little more income to your writing gig*? You can look at adding another private client. If you don’t have enough time in your schedule, you can look at removing a client. You have a lot more control over the work that you take.

I have a client who pops up once or twice a year. She has a bulk order, and I’m able to look at the work to do and give a deadline. She then just lets me get on with it. If I can’t take it on at that time, she has the choice of waiting a little longer or finding another writer. I’m not forced to take on work that I can’t fit in my schedule.

When there is a dip in my income for whatever reason, I can look at job boards or start reaching out to local businesses to add a new client to my roster. I’ve just done that recently due to the changes at Google—remember the whole thing of not being able to set your rate with ad revenue and revenue share?

There is just a lot more freedom when it comes to private clients. It allows you to grow your business.

You can ask clients for referrals and testimonials

I have had clients come and go over the years. That’s normal. The whole thing with freelancing is that you work with different people. A contract isn’t going to be permanent.

However, having private clients can help to build my writing business in other ways. Some clients will refer me onto others—or refer others to me. They know my work and they’re confident in me doing the same work for others.

I have asked clients for testimonials in the past. I can put them on my website, allowing others to find out what type of work I do and the people who have been happy with my work in the past. So, even if a contract ends, those private clients can continue to help me grow my business.

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How do you make money writing? What type of writing work do you prefer to do? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Alexandria Ingham is a professional writer. She predominately ghost-writes in various niches, including fitness, finance and technology Everything is fully researched and well-written. Under her own name, she writes in the technology, business, history and weight loss niches

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