Promote Your Business Through Twitter: Tweet Your Way to Success

Promote Your Business Through Twitter: Tweet Your Way to Success

Promote your business through Twitter
Tweet your way to success like many other freelancers and businesses.

Have you ever wondered whether it is possible to tweet your way to success? Plenty of companies use Twitter as a form of promotion. It’s free, easy and you can do it anywhere.

You can promote your business through Twitter and have some success. But you need to learn the dos and don’ts.

Are you ready for that? Then walk through with me to learn how to tweet your way to success!

Re-Tweet, Reply and Share Things You Find Interesting

You can’t just tweet about yourself. To promote your business through Twitter you need to work with others.

Your followers want to read the stuff you’ve written or the products you sell. But that’s not going to hold their interest for too long.

The whole point of social media is to network. Twitter is an excellent platform for this through re-tweeting and conversing. When a conversation happens, everyone can see it all by clicked the “view conversation”. It helps them decide whether you’re worth following and looking at.

When you find something interesting that connects to your business, share that too. It could be a news piece where you are mentioned or an infographic that is connected to your products in some way.

Have a Short Introduction

People won’t click a link if they don’t know what it is. With Twitter you need to be short and precise. Within 140 characters, you need to tell people what you’re sharing, why it’s useful and the link. That’s a lot of information in one short sentence or two.

You can do it. Just think carefully about your words. Make the link enticing.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a picture, a video or a blog post. The more enticing it is, the easier it will be sell it.

Tweet the Same Thing Regularly

Once you tweet it, it’s out there, right? You don’t need to do it again, right?

Oh how wrong you are!

Twitter is a fast-paced world. People won’t go through hundreds of tweets to find something else. They want to read the stuff right now and move on.

Set up a schedule to share the same lines every now and then. That doesn’t mean every day! You want to offer something new on a daily basis. Once a week, include something old and then move on.

Rotate your posts regularly so everything is shared often.

Be Polite to Others to Promote Your Business Through Twitter

There will be people who find your pieces interesting. They’ll re-tweet to their followers, so your work is read by more.

This is really beneficial for you but make sure you’re polite to the person who re-tweeted it. Send a short thank you note and maybe see if there is something of theirs that you can share.

This not only helps you gain more followers; you will network and build up a better relationship with others within a similar niche.

Don’t Tweet All the Time!

It’s really easy to fall into the trap of over-tweeting. If you show up on a newsfeed all the time, people are going to start unfollowing you. Likewise, if you don’t tweet enough, people will forget you exist.

Tweet regularly but not too often. Three or four tweets sharing your posts is enough. Use others to share other posts, have general conversations with your followers and reply to questions and queries.

Respond to People to Improve Your Customer Service

Make sure you show you have good customer service. Social networking is fast-paced and people expect a response within an hour or so. The good thing about Twitter is that you can take it anywhere.

Promote your business through Twitter by responding to questions and concerns. When people are satisfied, they’re likely to re-tweet a reply. Remember that the full conversation is visible to everyone so they know if you skipped an awkward questions, concern or complaint.

Try to avoid dealing with too much through Direct Messages. While this is important for personal and confidential information, you want to be as open and honest as possible to promote your business through Twitter in a positive way.

Take your time to learn the rules. Once you’ve done that, you’ll find it easy to build a following and promote your business on Twitter.

Did you build your business and Tweet your way to success? I’d love to hear stories and tips from you if you managed to promote your business through Twitter successfully.

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Alexandria Ingham is a professional writer. She predominately ghost-writes in various niches, including fitness, finance and technology Everything is fully researched and well-written. Under her own name, she writes in the technology, business, history and weight loss niches

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