6 questions to ask at any job interview

6 questions to ask at a job interview

6 questions to ask at any job interview

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A job interview is more than a chance to share who you are and why you should work there. It’s a chance for you to ask important questions for your potential future boss.

When you’re in a job interview, there will be a chance for you to ask some questions. Don’t leave this to on-the-spot thinking. Not only does planning your questions ahead show that you’re interested, but it will also show that you are organized and prepared.

Not sure what you should be asking? Here are six questions that you really need to ask at any job interview you have.

What is the salary and options for raises?

This can be a difficult subject to approach. In most interviews, you will be asked about salary expectations, which is an opening to ask about the offer from the employer. Of course, a lot of the time it is now posted on the vacancy to reduce the amount of people unhappy with it.

Be upfront, and ask about details, especially if it is commissions based. Don’t forget to ask about raises, vacation pay, and other important topics. It’s not showing you’re only interested in the money, but a way to show that you may be open to negotiating and you’re not going to work for free.

You’ll also want to talk about job benefits. What is included?

What’s the work environment like?

Find out more about the working environment, and people who already work there. You could ask about the number of staff who are already part of the company, and how it is laid out in the office space. Do you get your own office or will you have a cubicle?

You may also want to know about how many people you will interact with on a daily basis, and how sociable the office is. It’s also worth finding out if there are a lot of team meetings, or if there are a lot of social gatherings outside of the office that you must attend. In addition to these considerations, being aware of your rights in the workplace is crucial. Employment lawyers can provide valuable guidance on various employment matters, including contesting unwarranted job termination, ensuring that you are equipped to navigate potential challenges in your professional environment. If you need legal advice, you can hire a Los Angeles workers compensation attorney to assist you.

If you’re remote working, you’ll want to know more about meeting expectations.

Do people enjoy working there?

How much do others enjoy working there? This is something you want to know. The last thing you want is to end up in a dead-end, soul-destroying job.

It can be difficult to ask this in the job interview, so try to catch some of the people who currently work there to find out the answer to this. Ask them to answer truthfully, as you want to make the best decision for you.

It’s often best to do this when nobody else from the company is around. Maybe it could be at the elevator or outside as you’re leaving.

What are the options for remote work?

Was this job advertised as remote working? If so, that’s what you expect to be involved in, right? There are times that adverts are put as remote working but that’s not the case. The company is trying to recall people back to the office.

If remote working is essential for you, then you need to make that clear. If it’s something that you’re not too bothered about, then this is something that you can discuss.

When it does come to remote working, find out more about expectations while you’re on the clock. Is your work monitored regularly, or is it a case of work when is best for you—when you’re most productive.

What’s the rest of the application process like?

You need to know if there will be any more interviews, tests, or anything else involved in the application process. This will give you an idea of how important the role is and whether the employer wants to hire someone quickly or the best person for the job.

You will also get an idea of the number of applicants you’re fighting against. This is important if you have other job interviews lined up.

When will you hear back after the job interview?

You want to know how long to wait before hearing anything about the interview. This will depend on the answer to the above question—as it depends on the number of people needing to be interviewed. While asking this, find out whether you will hear back if you are unsuccessful. This is common courtesy at this point but not all employers will bother with it. Some will even pass it to agents to do.

Don’t walk away from your job interview without asking these important questions. Write them down before you go, so you don’t forget them. There may be others that you think of before you attend or while there, so make sure you ask them too. The more you know about the job, the more you know whether it is for you or not.

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What questions would you recommend when it comes to a job interview? Share in the comments below.

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