5 reasons you need a business email right away

why you need a business email

5 reasons you need a business email right away

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If you don’t have a business email yet, you need to create one. Anyone working for themselves needs to pay for their own business email.

You can do this through a few ways. The aim is to have an email address that has your domain name instead of the Gmail, Yahoo, or other email addresses. It’s going to help you gain far more business and trust when you have this.

For example, when it comes to freelance writing, I use the domain name hireafreelanceblogger.co.uk. My business email is connected to that. I made that decision from the beginning, and here’s why.

A business email looks more professional

Let’s just start with the professionalism of the email. When you’re working for yourself and running your own business*, you want to look professional. It’s important so that you build trust and brand transparency.

Think about the scam emails that you get. You’ll usually find that they’re connected to some sort of free email address. They have the @gmail.com or @outlook.com ending to them. These are easy and free to get, so spammers and scammers don’t care about taking the time to set multiple email addresses like these up.

With a business email address, you need to spend money on a domain. You need to spend money on the email account. Scammers don’t want to do that, so they won’t bother with it. You immediately stand out as being more professional.

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Your email address looks more trustworthy

Let’s continue the professionalism. You create brand awareness with your email address, and this creates a sense of trust. People can immediately see who you are and check out the website that is associated with the email address.

This is a great way to build trust. People get to see what you offer. If that website doesn’t exist, people will question why. They’re not going to email you back and find out more about your business. They want to see what you offer in the first place.

You keep your business email separate from your personal email

As someone who runs a business*, I want to be able to keep everything separate. I like it when my business account is used. It means that I know it’s going to be linked to my business needs, and then I can respond during business hours and make sure I nurture those relationships.

If something is sent to my personal account, I take the time to go through everything and figure out what is actually for work. There’s a chance that I’ll miss something because my personal account can end up with a little too much spam for my liking.

Organization is important to me, so I like to keep things separate. I even have different business emails for different domain names so that I can have everything across my websites organized.

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The email accounts are usually more secure

When you pay for a business email account, you’ll usually find that the system is more secure. There’s the ability to encrypt a lot of these emails, so you can send sensitive data back and forth. This will be important for some types of work, as security is important for business, and that’s why if you want to avoid corporate espionage, you should hire a private investigator Thailand to help you with this.

There’s also a lower risk of your email account being hacked in general. After all, you’re not going straight to the regular Google email accounts, which are popular for hackers to attempt to get into. The hackers will need to figure out where your business account is held to be able to access it.

You’ve got free advertising with your email address

Think about how many people will look at the email address and then go to your website. By having that domain name as part of your email address, you immediately get free advertising. You’re making it clear who you are and what you offer.

Can’t you set up a signature with your free email accounts? What about setting up an account that has your business name before the @? Well, sure, but these options aren’t as good as having the official domain name at the end of your email address.

Plus, if someone forwards an email from you to a friend or associate, you’ll continue that free advertising. It’s a great way to build your brand and market your business.

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Do you have a business email yet? Are you thinking about getting one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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