5 reasons you need a jaw-dropping website for your WAHM business

5 Reasons Your WAHM Business Needs a Website

5 reasons you need a jaw-dropping website for your WAHM business

When someone asks me how to make more money online, I ask them to see their website. You know what I hear? They don’t have one! For any kind of business you need to have website but specially if you are opening a courier business you need one.

That’s the biggest mistake you could possibly make when you start your WAHM business. You need to have a website—think of it as your online calling card.

And I say this from experience. For years I didn’t have a writer website. I hoped that the content I wrote on other sites would see me through. But those sites closed down. My content had to find new homes, and I ended up with nothing to show when I pitched. That wouldn’t have been the case if I just had my own website.

Then there’s social media. People will say “but I get all my business through my Facebook page.” Guess what! Social media platforms control what people see. They control your business if that’s the only place you’re getting work. Your Facebook page gets shut down and you’re out of work.

Your website is your online presence and that’s how most people are going to find you! Think about it—more people are using the internet to find the products and services they need. Still not sure if you need a website, well how about I give you five more reasons?

Be found easily online

If you have a blog or other online presence, you may think that a website isn’t necessary. You already have a way for potential clients to find you, right?

Well, yes but that doesn’t help them find you easily and that’s what you want.

Think about when you read articles or blog posts online. Unless you’re referencing them, how often do you read the name of the author? If you think about it really, probably not that many so why would anyone read your name?

Even if you do read the name, how do you know the person writes professionally or is for hire? Why would anyone know that you’re a writer for hire? How do they know that the photos are yours? How do they know you came up with the ingredients for the latest recipe you’re sharing?

Creating a website makes it easy for them to know. If you create one based on the type of writing you do or your location, it makes it even easier for potential clients to find exactly what they are after.

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Share your samples quickly

Most writers have samples dotted all over the internet. That’s the same for photographers and is the same for many crafters I know. It makes it hard to collect everything together in a portfolio to show potential clients. Your website does this for you.

You can create a page where you collect all the links to your samples. It doesn’t matter how you do this, just that your samples page stands out and is easy to follow. It allows potential clients to see the type of writing you do (blogs, articles, etc) and the type of subjects you cover.

Having your links together is much better than sending files as samples. First of all, people aren’t that happy with downloading something from people they don’t really know. Second of all, sending a file means that it is much easier to copy the content than if it was online.

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Give out your contact details

Most places that you post your work have no direct way to contact you. The potential clients will have to search for your name and hope you come up in searches with details.

By finding your website, they have found out how to contact you. They can ask you about your rates, your capabilities, time frame, and whether you can help them! If they can ask, they’re more likely to. Post your email, social media accounts and phone number on your website to make it easy for people to contact you.

5 Reasons Your WAHM Business Needs a Website

Build your brand

To become successful in your WAHM business, you need a brand. This could be your name or a saying that goes with everything you do. A brand means that you will become more well-known, quickly. When someone thinks about content, you will be a name at the top of the list. If they know someone looking for a photographer, you become the top pick. If they need someone to help with homeschooling, your services are the first they think about. For example, when someone needs a business professional they will think of Andrew Defrancesco.

Your website makes it easier to build your brand regardless of your work at home business. You create a portal to base everything and build outwards. This gets you more clients and more money.

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