How to Repurpose Your Blog Content With Video

How to Repurpose Your Blog Content With Video

Repurposing content is one thing that you need to do with anything you put on your blog. I’m not just talking about rewriting your content into a new blog post. I want you to do something different.

Vlogging is something that I did during the start of this year and I returned to it last month. My goal this month has been to do a video a work day. That hasn’t worked out for personal reasons but I am vlogging a lot more than I did between July and November.

Vlogging opens the do to repurpose your blog content. It’s very simple to do. Here are my three tips for doing it.

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Get Over Your Vlogging Fear

We tend to have this fear of putting ourselves on camera. The reason many of us became bloggers and writers was to hide behind the computer, right?

Well, it’s time to get over that fear.

And yes I do empathize with you. I had the fear to get myself in front of camera. It was linked to what I shared yesterday and the day before about the fear of being judged. I didn’t want to make it clear that this was me—that I was the one writing the content and getting myself out there.

Looking back it’s one of the most stupidest fears I had. There was no need to worry about what other people thought/think. They don’t really know me. And those who judge really aren’t my audience.

So, to repurpose your blog content through video, you need to get over that fear of vlogging first.

Share from the Heart

Use your blog content as a sort of script. You just want to use it for the overall message, but really you want to speak from the heart.

This is a place that you can go into more detail in sections. You can bring up some new information you’ve found or add a new tip or thought into the mix. You are allowed to make some changes if your opinions and views have changed!

My blog posts and my videos are never the exact same. They both talk about the same topics but then they will cover different details in some areas. There’s the encouragement for people to both watch and read.

Sharing from the heart and making slight changes will make your content unique. You’ll stand out from the others in your niche.

Share Separately and On Your Blog

You don’t have to keep your blog content and your videos separate. Add some videos to your blog content to help expand a point. Get people from your video page to your blog page to read what you originally wrote. You can also help them sign up to your email list from the blog page better than the video.

How do you do this? Well there are a couple of ways.

Add in your website link in the video description. I’ve failed to do this recently, but that’s more of a strategic plan that I’ll explore a little more next year. You can also do it through captions on your video.

Repurpose Your Blog Content Today

It’s time to get repurposing your content, especially into a new form. This will help to boost your views and develop your brand. You get yourself out there where all your target audience is going to be.

You’ll also find it much easier to create new content. You don’t have to sit for hours to find a different topic, so you’ll find vlogging much easier (especially in the beginning.

Are you going to repurpose your blog content into video? Share what you think about this idea and what’s holding you back.

Alexandria Ingham is a professional writer. She predominately ghost-writes in various niches, including fitness, finance and technology Everything is fully researched and well-written. Under her own name, she writes in the technology, business, history and weight loss niches

5 thoughts on “How to Repurpose Your Blog Content With Video

  1. I really enjoyed vlogging when I started earlier this year. I have stopped – temporarily – as I was launching my podcast and my online conference. but plan to return in 2017. I did as you suggested – took my blog posts as an outline but then just spoke from my heart on that topic.

    1. So did I and I don’t really know why I decided to stop. I know time was an issue but I’m sure I could have made the time to do it. I’ve dropped off again but with Christmas around the corner things have been hard!

  2. Great informative post! What platform do you use for your vlogs? I have been considering this. Or just putting some video posts up. How do they rate on google vs written posts? I am bookmarking your website. Great tips here. Thanks!

    1. I use YouTube for mine. I’m toying with the idea of using Facebook Live and putting them straight on my writer page. I can download the video and pop it on YouTube then. I’ll think about my options for 2017. I’ve only just started vlogging so they’re not comparable at the moment.

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