Do You Have a Resources Page on Your Writer Website?

Does your writer site have a resources page?

Do You Have a Resources Page on Your Writer Website?

This is something my writer website (or any website I have) has set up just yet, but a resources page is a useful way to help your new visitors. I see a lot of websites set up with one, and it’s something that I’m putting together as I type.

If you don’t have one yet on your writer website, it’s worth considering it. Here’s a look at what a resources page is and why it’s so useful for all writers and bloggers for hire.

Does your writer site have a resources page?

What Is a Resources Page?

Your page is just as it sounds. It’s a page full of resources for your audience.

The exact information on the page will depend on the type of service or products you offer. For many writers, it’s going to be a “place to start” for your audience. You want to put all the vital information together for your audience, making sure they can find it easily.

For my writer site, this would be a page that highlights why hiring a blogger is important, what they can gain from hiring a blogger, and my packages. There may be other pages added eventually, but the three links are the most important to start.

You don’t want to give too much information, but you do want to give the important information.

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Why Do I Need a Resources Page on my Writer Website?

Not sure it’s really for you? Trust me when I say I get that feeling. You think your content is easy to find already. Why bother having a page for specific information?

Well, it’s all about making the site as easy to navigate as possible. Your audience will take one look at your site and want the important information right there for them. They’ll look out for your About Us page, want to know why you, and need to know about your packages or services. People don’t want to spend more than 10 minutes or so looking for that information. If they need to weed through blog post after blog post, they are going to look elsewhere.

Your resources pages will keep the information contained. They see the link and will instantly take in every little bit of information they initially need. From there, they can spend more time on your site looking into more details. They’re more likely to do that when they know you make the basic information easy to find.

The page is also easier to share on social media. When you want to draw in new people, you just share the list of resources. People appreciate just the one link and you’ll be able to reduce the amount of links you need to promote to get all the information out there. Think about how much less time your marketing will take!

You will also have more internal links to other pages on your site. Instead of copying all the information onto the one page, you include an image, intro, and link to the exact pages. Internal links will decrease your bounce rate, which boosts the view Google has of your site.

Writer website resources pages

How Do I Set Up a Writer Resources Page?

Setting up your resources page on your writer website is extremely easy. You create a new page for your website. This then has the links that go to your important information on your site.

Make sure your resources page is easy to find. In the menu is the best option, but you could also put it on the side bar. Making it clear on the Home Page is another excellent option.

Your resources page is your ideal number one spot for your new audience. It contains information you think is important for them to know and will help them instantly navigate around your site. Make it your priority to create a page for your writer website.

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