5 Tips for Applying for Revenue Share Sites

Revenue share sites application tips

5 Tips for Applying for Revenue Share Sites

Revenue share sites application tips
Photo from Pixabay, adapted by Alexandria Ingham

I’ve promised this topic for a few days now. Honestly, the incident with the dog completely threw me off. It wasn’t just the notebook for this blog that had been eaten and turned into a jigsaw puzzle, but for a couple of other blogs. It really is a lesson for me! Now it’s finally time to get onto tips to apply for revenue share sites.

Application processes are becoming more popular for rev share sites and that’s definitely understandable. I’ll use the FanSided sites as an example. You have to apply for all the sites that you want to write at. This application doesn’t just go to FanSided’s recruitment, but to the individual Site Experts (the term given to the editors). For the majority of people, this is going to be the first introduction to all these individuals, so you want to put your best foot forward.

After receiving numerous applications for revenue share sites, I want to share my tips. Here’s what to do in an application.

1. Always Think About the Niche

See that a site is looking for photography writers? Don’t apply with content about sports. You want to think about the niche that you want to write within; what the site covers. This is crucial, as you want to show that you have experience in this niche.

This is where samples specifically for the site can come in handy. You can always write something up and put it on your own blog or on another residual income site that you put content on. Just make sure something within the niche is written.

The site doesn’t have a niche? This is a lot easier. Use your best samples going. Make sure they are free of errors, show off your writing style, and prove you’re capable of high-quality content.

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2. Share Your Social Media Platforms

Promoting your content on social media is important. Most sites will look for you to self-promote. After all, this helps you build your own audience. However, including your social media platforms does more than prove you have a voice.

The people receiving your application will see that you have a voice. They’ll see your audience and be able to check on your past content and posts. The revenue share sites will be able to see how regularly you tweet and the type of stuff you discuss.

Sure this can seem a little stalkerish, but it’s important for the sites. They need to know the type of content you’ve written and that you’re able to promote yourself. It’s best just to share rather than encourage people to go searching and hoping for the best! Twitter is the best one to share.

3. Share Multiple Direct Samples

Don’t share a link to a Facebook page and tell people to just go looking through all the samples. Sharing a link to a full profile on another site and getting recruiters to go digging for relevant content for the site is annoying. Three or four samples is usually enough to give someone an idea if you’re suited for the revenue share sites. Pick your top samples and share the links directly.

Getting someone to go through your content runs the risk of them picking your worst samples. If you don’t have anything relevant to the niche in the first few pieces, you’ll end up with an instant “no.” A recruiter isn’t going to look through page after page looking for your best samples.

Sharing direct samples makes it clear that this is something you really want. You get off on the right foot immediately.


Revenue share site application tips
Photo from Pixabay, adapted by Alexandria Ingham


4. Sell Yourself without Being Cocky

I’ll admit that someone sharing how “awesome” or “excellent” they put me off a sample. There’s a way of selling yourself without being cocky and arrogant.

When it comes to selling yourself, you need to show what you’ve done. How many views has your highest rated piece gained? How did you get your follower numbers on Twitter? Where have you written before? These sorts of comments will sell your writing and your abilities for revenue share sites.

Cockiness gets you nowhere. You rub people the wrong way instantly and they wonder what you’re going to be like in the future.

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5. Show What You Can Do for the Revenue Share Sites

Most applications for the revenue share sites will ask you to share why you are a good fit for the site. This isn’t a chance to boast about your writing or why you want to join the site. It’s all about what you can do for the site. Think of it link what you could do for a company and why they should hire you!

This is your chance to share accomplishments. For example, the high views you’ve had in the past will work in your favor. You get a chance to show that you can bring those high views to the site. Whenever you think of what you can offer, think of how that benefits the website specifically.

Are you ready to apply for revenue share sites? Use the above tips and you’ll find you have more success in your applications.

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Alexandria Ingham is a professional writer. She predominately ghost-writes in various niches, including fitness, finance and technology Everything is fully researched and well-written. Under her own name, she writes in the technology, business, history and weight loss niches

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