Revenue Share Sites Blogging Challenge: Posts 1-6 Roundup

residual income sites week 1 roundup

Revenue Share Sites Blogging Challenge: Posts 1-6 Roundup

residual income sites week 1 roundup
Photo from Pixabay, adapted by Alexandria Ingham

I’m in the process of blogging for 31 days about revenue share sites (sometimes referred to as residual income sites). Don’t worry if you’ve missed any of the posts so far. Every seven posts I’ll do a roundup of the week, making sure you can catch up on the posts that you’ve missed. This is one post late, as the dog ate my notebook (yes, literally), so I’m actually doing it as the eighth post for the week.

Revenue share sites are still a viable way to make money online. Of course, they’re not going to make you thousands of dollars every month. Well, if you put enough effort into multiple ones they will (and I’m proof of that), but they’re not a way to get rich quick or completely quit your day job. These types of sites are good for building your audience, honing your niche, and making some extra money online.

The first eight posts consisted of tips on how to make residual income sites work, how to check out for legitimate and scam sites, and tips on going through the application process. Oh, and the explanation of my dog eating my notebook!

Day 1: Make Revenue Share Sites Work for You

The first post of the month was all about making revenue share sites work to your advantage; making sure you make money and not waste time. These are tips that I use on new and existing sites. You’ve got to be willing to put effort in to make them work though.

How to Make Revenue Share Sites Work for You

Day 2: How to Tell a Revenue Share Site Is Legitimate

This is an extremely important post to read before you start applying for or joining all types of residual income sites. You need to know that a site is going to pay you on time, offer you the best place to write your content, and give you the chance to build your audience. This is more than just making money, but about creating good quality content that you’re proud of sharing on social media and to your friends.

How to Tell a Revenue Share Site Is Legitimate

Day 3: How I Test If a Residual Income Site Is Worthwhile

Again, it’s not all about whether a site is going to make you money. You need to know that it’s worthwhile in other areas. Does it really have the following that you need to build your audience and voice? Is it a site that has a good reputation? There’s no point spending time at a site where you’re embarrassed by the quality and can’t make a penny but how do you test that? Here’s what I do to make sure a site is worth my time and effort.

How I Test Any Residual Income Site

Revenue share sites week 1 roundup
Photo from Pixabay, adapted by Alexandria Ingham

Day 4: No Application Process Could Be a Red Flag

Once upon a time, most sites just allowed you to sign up and get writing. There weren’t many that had an application process, giving you the chance to start earning right away. Those days are certainly gone. Now you need to make sure a site is only sharing quality content and the application process helps a site ensure that. Here’s why a lack of application process could be a red flag.

No Application Process for a Residual Income Site Could Be a Red Flag

Day 5: Lessons Learned When the Pup Ate the Notebook

The fifth day was a little off for me. After writing out all about application processes on revenue share sites, my pup decided to eat a notebook or two. It took me back to a time I was legitimately able to say that my dog ate my homework. It took a few days to get back into the swing of things after that happened, but I think I’m there now. I did share the lessons I learned though.

That One Time the Dog Ate My Blog Post Titles

Day 6: How to Apply for Revenue Share Sites

Day 6 was a few days late but I got back to it. This was finally a chance to give you my top five tips for applying to a revenue share site. In fact, these tips apply for any type of site you want to write at. Make sure you put your best foot forward.

5 Tips to Apply for Residual Income Sites

Write Your Way to $1,000 Per Month and More!: Support Your Family With Your Writing Income

Day 7: How Not to Apply for Residual Income Sites

Of course, like with any dos posts, there’s always the don’ts. As an editor, I get a number of applications for sites. I see the same glaring errors over and over again, quickly giving me an impression. If it’s not a good impression, you’re not likely to get a yes from recruitment.

Revenue Share Site Application Mistakes Not to Make

And that brings us back to today. I hope the first seven days of posts have been informative for revenue share sites. The next set of days will be about joining sites–what to do when you join, how to boost your income, and how long I suggest giving a site. Then on Day 14, I’ll do a roundup of all those posts to get back on track.

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