3 rules for a work at home mom

Rules for a work at home mom

3 rules for a work at home mom

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Are you ready to become a work at home mom? It’s not as easy as some make it look. Here are three rules you’ll want to follow.

Being a work from home mom means that I get to be a part of my children’s lives, while earning money for the family. The problem is children don’t like to go by their parents’ plans. They want attention when they want it. Accidents happen, they get thirsty, and they can generally be disruptive.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful career. I say now that it was always my ex-husband making me gain a successful business harder than it needed to be. It was like having an extra child around the house. When I was providing fully financially for the family, I was still doing a lot of the parenting rather than him doing it as the agreement was.

I quickly learned that there were some rules to follow when it came to working from home and being a mother at the same time. Take this a little lighthearted at times. I am really happy with my career choice.

Expect the day to go wrong as a work at home mom

Never expect your day to go according to plan. It really is not going to happen. There are just so many things that will go on between getting up and your little ones going to bed. And really isn’t the whole point of working from home to spend more time with them, anyway?

While you need to plan a few things in your day, such as interviews, meetings, and client time, you can’t plan the whole day in one go. As a writer, I have to write when I get a chance (usually during naptimes) and will book client meetings once my husband is home so he can handle the issues.

Let children feel important

As your children get older, they want to feel like they’re the important part of your day. You know that they are, but your work can come first a little too often when you really don’t want it to. Make your children feel like they’re helping you, and give them something to do. It not only makes them feel wanted and cherished, but it teaches them good skills for the future.

Younger children could have a space next to you at the desk to draw. Older children could be given a notebook to write in. Ask them to create their own stories. Get them to help out with clearing the desk at the end of the day. Find tasks that are suitable for their ages and capabilities, and then develop them as they get older.

Both my children have their desks in the office with me. They tend to come in here to do their homework or enjoy some quiet time if I’m still working.

Work around your children’s schedules

Again, this comes down to your children wanting to spend time with you. Work your schedule around theirs to limit the chances of everything going wrong. Book meetings for when they are in bed and do your writing, photography, or whatever your service is when they are out at a local early learning centre or child learning center, with other family members or during regular naptimes. You may also hire child care to ensure that your child will be properly looked after while you work.

You can help children settle into a routine that also suits your business. Encourage younger ones to go down for a nap after lunch, and then you know you have at least half an hour for that all important interview. My eldest daughter used to nap for a couple of hours, so I could get all the important stuff done and then spend more time with her afterwards. As your children get older, they will go to school so you will soon end up with more hours in the day to yourself.

Having a schedule that the children can see is also beneficial for them. They see that they get time with you, and they also know when it’s work time.

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Being a work from home mom is great, as long as you are willing to play by a few rules. You want to spend time with your children, so work around them. It can mean working late or getting up early, but it is worth it when you get the benefit of both worlds.

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