5 signs you need to rework your WAHM idea

Rework your WAHM idea

5 signs you need to rework your WAHM idea

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You love your WAHM idea, and you definitely love working from home. The problem is your business doesn’t seem to be growing.

Your blog isn’t getting new visitors. Your photos or crafts aren’t selling like you thought. Things just aren’t ticking how you thought, and you were sure you worked things for the pandemic!

It’s easy to think you need to give up.


This is not the time to give up on everything. It’s not that your WAHM idea is terrible. It’s just that it’s not quite working. There are things you can do to salvage it, though.

If the passion is still there and you know you have an audience or customer potential, it’s time to rework things into something that does get their attention better. Learn more tips by reading this post about properly communicating with customers

Not sure if you should quit or rework? Here are five signs your WAHM idea needs a bit of reworking to succeed.

You are seeing your business grow but not fast enough

We start with signs that your WAHM idea is good but not quite right. This is when you’re seeing your business grow, but not quite in the way that you wanted. It’s just not fast enough.

This is a sign that you do have something. People are finding you, but they’re not finding you fast enough. Or maybe they’re finding you but something is stopping them from buying.

It’s time to assess why they’re not buying or why not enough people are finding you. Assess the problems to find how you can solve it. Put a new plan into action.

If it’s that people aren’t finding exactly what they need to solve their problem, look at something else you can offer. When you’re struggling to get people to buy despite getting plenty of traffic, improve your offering or the trust you’re setting when people find you.

Rework the idea in a way that works for the people you’re getting.

The slowdowns are seasonal

It could be that your idea doesn’t work during certain seasons of the year. This is common.

I write a lot of entertainment news, covering mostly TV shows. From June to August and then at the end of December to the middle of January, I can really struggle to get readers. There’s just not enough on TV and not enough news coming out.

Know when your slowdown periods are. You can then rework your WAHM idea to make sure there’s something during those times of the year.

There’s no need to quit because, say, the summer isn’t a good time for your business. How can you make the summer a good time without affecting the usually good times in the winter?

There’s something out there. Trust me!

Or you could opt for reworking your business during the good times to make it better and accept the slower seasons. You get more time off.

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Your WAHM idea is struggling because of the pandemic

The pandemic may be the issue your business is struggling.

I get that. Again, the entertainment industry was rocked hard. Trying to write during a time when TV shows weren’t on the air, movie theaters had closed, and I just wasn’t in the right state of mind was hard.

But I plodded through it knowing there would be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Not everyone has that ability. There isn’t always that light at the end of the tunnel to rely on. So, you need to rework your business. Offer something that does work for the pandemic.

I have a few photography friends, with many of them in the wedding space. They reworked their business to do landscape and product photography knowing that weddings weren’t going to be what they once were for a long time. It was better than letting their business fold completely.

You didn’t put enough research into it in the first place

The struggle could be partly on you. Maybe you didn’t put in enough work when it came to researching your WAHM idea.

This doesn’t mean you should quit completely.

Now is the time to get back to that drawing board. Look into the products or services you offer and make sure they’re solutions to your customers’ problems. If they’re not, you need to rethink your offerings.

This isn’t Rome. You can’t build it and they’ll come. You need to offer what people want to encourage them to come and buy.

There’s nothing wrong with researching again and then reworking your business. In fact, making sure your business is on the right track for the audience is a good thing regularly.

Rework your WAHM idea

You have the determination to make this work

With all this said and done, you need to have the determination to make your WAHM idea work.

Why did you get into this in the first place? Was it so you could make money fast? If that was the case, you possibly don’t have the determination to see the business succeed. There are no get rich quick schemes. If there were, we’d all be doing them, right?

Instead, a business requires patience and hard work, and not everyone is willing to put that in.

It’s hard to fix problems with determination levels. You either have determination or you don’t.

If you still have it, if this is your passion, then you need to rework your business. If you don’t, maybe it’s time to quit.

Before you do quit, do look at why your determination levels are low. Is it just because you’re struggling? Could reworking and getting a fresh boost of energy help? Is it the pandemic that’s causing mental health problems? There are a few stress reasons why determination will be low.

It all comes back to why you started it all in the first place. If you didn’t have the determination then when you were fresh-faced with your WAHM idea, then you’ll probably not miraculously get the determination now.

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Why is your idea struggling? What do you need help with when it comes to the world of working at home? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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