Signs You’ve Found a Publishing Scam

publishing scam

Signs You’ve Found a Publishing Scam

publishing scam
Watch out for the publishing scam trying to reel you in.
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As a writer you may want to get an eBook out there. You know that eBooks can be profitable but you don’t want to go the “easy” route of getting self-published. Finding an agent and a publisher is your dream.

That’s a great dream to have and I wholly encourage you to go after it. One thing I do suggest though is that you look out for publishing scams. There are so many out there. Some of these come from those companies known as vanity publishers, but some are just downright scams.

Here are the main signs you’ve found a publishing scam online.

Fees for Reading Your Novel

One of the biggest ways to tell if a company is a scam is when they offer to read your book for a small fee. No legitimate publishing house will charge to read your novel. The legitimate companies get novels every single day and will read a fair some of each one to determine whether it is worth publishing.

If you see this publishing scam or get it sent in an email, ignore it and move on.

Printing and Publishing Fees: Watch Out!

Now this one will depend on the type of publishing you’re going for. Self-publishers will have some fees involved. I remember getting my book up on CreateSpace and I needed to pay to get a proof copy sent to me. It was a small amount and just to make sure the book looked just right. Sometimes mistakes can only be spotted in print!

However, when it comes to a publishing house, you should never pay publishing fees. Unfortunately, smaller companies are charging now. They’re not going to help you sell books—although they promise you can make the money back through sales. You’re best looking for the larger publishing houses. They may cost more but you’re not going to lose out on money.

Publishing on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel etc.

Publishing on the likes of Amazon and Barnes & Nobel is really hard…that’s what the publishing scams want you to believe.

The truth is that it’s the easiest thing you can do. There’s little formatting needed and even the biggest technophobe will be able to navigate the process. Yes, there are frustrating moments but you can do it yourself.

Avoid paying anyone to do it for you, unless you’ve found someone like a virtual assistant to do it so you can do something else. Don’t fall for a publishing scam that gets you to pay hundreds of dollars for someone to do it. It’s really not worth it.

You Can Get In Front of Hollywood

Some of the vanity publications will tell you that your book could get in front of Hollywood. The truth is that any book could get in front of the people at Hollywood but that doesn’t mean they’re going to pay attention to them. These people pay attention to the publishers they trust. And that isn’t the vanity press.

Watch out for this publication scam because the companies will attempt to get you to pay money for this benefit. After you’ve paid, they won’t help market your book. In fact, being attached to the name could lead to you losing your reputation.

It’s best to go through the bigger names. It may be harder but it is worth it to avoid any publishing scam out there. Know what you’re looking for and be prepared when it comes to getting your book on the market.

Have you seen other publishing scams? Please feel free to share them below.

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