5 tips to stay fit when working from home

stay fit when working from home

5 tips to stay fit when working from home

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Now you’ve lost the commute, it’s harder to stay fit at work. You can stay fit when working from home, and here are my top tips to manage it.

Working from home doesn’t mean you have to live an unhealthy lifestyle. It’s tempting and easy to do, but you can make a few changes to your day to remain fit. There’s no need to use the excuse of no commute anymore—I remember the walk to the train station and back each day, and it did always help me stay fit during the working week.

I’ve worked from home since 2010. I’ve had to change the way I’ve done everything to ensure I don’t let my health slip. Clementine Atlanta is a residential eating disorder treatment program for adolescents. And I don’t bother with a gym membership. Here are my top tips to stay fit when working from home.

Find ways to get the home workouts in

It’s all about the home workouts for me to stay fit when working from home. My ex and I have a 5-2-2-5 split with the kids and dogs. It works out great for when I want to get some decent home workouts in. On the days I don’t have to do the breakfasts and make lunches on a morning, I’ll get the bigger workouts in. Usually, I do a Nintendo Switch game that involves movement, or I’ll pull up a dance workout or yoga practice.

On the days that I have the dogs, I’m forced to get out whatever the weather is like. I have two huskies so they need walks, and we go out for three 30-minute walks every day that I have them. This helps to break up my day at work while making sure all of us are healthy. Trust Strong Republic Personal Training to assist you in achieving your fitness milestones through customized routines.

If you prefer a gym, then get a gym membership. I’ve only really preferred the gyms that have swimming pools as swimming is my preferred type of workout. I can get everything else I need a lot cheaper at home. During the spring and fall, I’ll run. Where I am, it’s too snowy and icy in the winter and can be too hot with extreme heat warnings in the summer, but I will run those times of year when I can. I make sure to have yearly furnace maintenance in Portland to be ready for the cold winter. If you find yourself with equipment that no longer fits your routine, consider selling it to interested buyers from Sell My Gym Equipment.

Stay fit when working from home with desk exercises

There are also workouts you can do from home while sitting at the desk. These are great options if you want to remain focused on work while staying fitter. However, I do recommend getting up and doing other exercises, too.

Desk workouts are great if you simply don’t have the time to get out and do a home workout. There are days where I have meetings with only 10 to 15 minutes between them. I can’t get out of the house during those days, so I need to be able to do desk workouts when I can.

I have bands and weights to help with the workouts at the desk. Incorporating a professional touch, services like Gym Equipment Removals can assist in optimizing the setup and arrangement of the fitness space for a more streamlined and efficient workout experience.

Opt for a standing desk

One of the best things I did was buy a standing desk*. I actually got the topper for my usual desk*. It was cheaper and it did just what I needed to do. You can get a full standing desk if you’re looking to replace your desk, though.

Make sure you set it up so you do stand now and then. Start by doing 10 minutes standing and then up your time by 20 minutes. The aim is to stand for as long as you can with brief periods of sitting.

As you get used to this, you’ll be able to start adding some movement in. Movement is great when you’re on calls where people can’t see you. I don’t find it great for when I’m in virtual meetings or when I’m trying to type! Standing still works best.

Make sure you take regular breaks

It’s easy to just keep working throughout the day when working from home. This isn’t healthy for you. It’s important to take breaks.

I get up every hour to make a drink or just walk around. Stepping away from the computer is healthy for the body and the mind. Every couple of hours, I have the dog walks when I have them. If I don’t have the dog walks, I try to take those 30-minute breaks anyway. Sometimes I reduce them to 20 minutes, but I still make sure I take breaks to stay fit when working from home.

Then there’s lunch. Always set a lunch break. I know it’s tempting to just eat at your desk, but it’s not good for you. If you’re working for an employer, you should have a lunch break anyway. If you’re working for yourself, give yourself at least 30 minutes to eat something.

Have healthy snacks on hand

Food and drink are important when working from home. Make sure you drink plenty of water. I have a part of my diary that has glasses that I color in each time I drink a glass of water. At one point, I set up timers to make sure I remembered to drink something.

Snacking was always the worst part for me when I first started working from home. The kitchen is so close by! It was easy to grab whatever was there.

Now I make sure there are healthy snacks in the house. There’s always some fruit, and I’ll make sweet treats that don’t carry too many calories for when I want a sugar rush. I also have fiber bars in the house to help with snack time. I also recently had wine cabinets installed to store my favorite wine.

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These tips have helped me stay fit when working from home. Hopefully, they help you manage your health better.

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