How to stick to deadlines in your business

How to stick to deadlines

How to stick to deadlines in your business

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To have a successful business, you need to stick to deadlines. most of the time, you set those deadlines. Here are my tips to stick to them.

As a writer, I’ve had to stick to deadlines a lot. Some of those deadlines I’m given by editors or blog owners, while others I will set myself. The exact deadline for a client will depend on the project, so I don’t have a hard-set rule for anyone.

If you have a lot of deadlines, they can become overwhelming. It doesn’t matter what your business is in, you need to stick to those deadlines if you want it to succeed. It’s important to show how well you treat your clients and that you are reliable, and you can totally use an Outlook scheduling app, to help you work your deadlines as well.

Struggling with sticking to the initial deadlines? Not sure where to start to help build your business? Here are my top tips for managing it all.

Make sure the deadlines are realistic

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while, it’s normal to want to fit as many projects into your day as possible. That means setting tight deadlines, so you can work with multiple clients. But you need to be realistic.

Can you really handle four deadlines on one day? And can you really handle another three deadlines the next day? Even if you manage it, you will not likely put all the effort into your work, and your quality will suffer. You’ll also end up suffering from burn out because you don’t have the time to take breaks.

So, remain realistic with any deadlines you set. Think about the work you already have, the amount of time the project will take and any time off that you’re taking.

Create mini ones to stick to deadlines

This is especially important when you have a long term project but works for the shorter deadlines too. Setting your own deadlines throughout will help to stay on track with your projects to make sure they are finished on time.

This could be setting a deadline for the first draft to be complete or setting a deadline to have interviews completed by. It really depends on the project and the work you need to do.

When it comes to your personal projects, you really need to set your own deadlines. Mini ones make your personal projects seem more realistic.

Think about the consequences of not completing

The deadline is approaching, but you just don’t have the motivation to complete it. There is always that thought that it won’t matter, and extending the deadline will be possible. However, your clients are relying on you to complete the work upon the agreed time.

Before you think about taking time off and missing your deadline, consider the consequences. Your client could lose his own contract and (rightfully) blame you for it. He will then fire you.

That’s not the end of it, though. Your client will leave negative reviews around the internet, which will affect your chances of getting jobs in the future. If you keep doing this with other clients, the same thing will keep happening. You want to come across as a reliable and trustworthy.

Deadlines are extremely important when it comes to business. Clients expect you to finish the work when you say you will and do it well. Sticking to writing deadlines is possible, as long as you know the consequences of not doing the work, set your own mini deadlines and agree to deadlines that are realistic for you.

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What do you struggle with when it comes to business? Let me know in the comments below.

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