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Business and Freelancing Writing Tips

Why Freelance Writers and Business Owners Need to Step Away from Work

Freelance writers and business owners have a tendency to burn the candle from both ends. Especially those who are new at the job. When I first started out, I would work for hours on end. I wouldn’t take a break, even if my head was screaming at me to get a drink and I’d work […]

Business and Freelancing Freelance Writing

Tips for Building Trust Between a Client and Freelance Writer

Any relationship has an element of trust involved. This is especially the case in the business of freelance writing. There needs to be an element of trust between clients and freelance writers—for both parties. The contract is just the start of this and here are some tips to help build that trust further. Include Detail […]

Business and Freelancing Freelance Writing

4 Things You Need to Start Freelance Writing

So, you want to start freelance writing. Well done for getting here as it’s definitely a start! When I first started writing, I found it really hard to find blogs about the topic—about how to get started and the things I needed—it’s one of the reasons why I decided to set this blog up. Now […]

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How to Hire Freelance Writers

If you’ve decided that freelance writers are people you want to hire, you need to find the perfect ones. Determine your budget and then take a few steps to find someone who will work with you. While you have a budget in mind, remember that the writers will have their own rates. If you have […]

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