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Want to Become a Freelance Writer? Where Do You Start?

You’ve decided you want to become a freelance writer. That’s great! But now where do you start? What do you need and who do you turn to for information? Where does that elusive first client come from? You likely have far more questions than I’ve already asked for you, right? The first thing I want […]

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Why Writers Need to Read and Write!

Ever thought that you can just sit at a computer and just write? You may be surprised to hear that writers need to read as well as write! This is the best way to become a great writer. I’ve read blog posts in the past and clicked away from them in seconds, and not because […]

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Why Freelance Writers Need to Increase Their Writer Rate

This year I made a bold decision not to increase my writer rate. Usually I do it around the New Year (or sometimes April) and on a yearly basis. It’s standard across the board. So, why didn’t I do it this year? Well, the international move had a lot to do with it. It’s more […]

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When Should You Move on From Your Freelance Writing Client?

As much as you would love the idea of being with your current freelance writing client forever, eventually you will want to move on. There are all sorts of reasons for wanting to move on. It’s not always your clients; it could be you. I’ve worked with many clients over the last seven or so […]

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Why Freelance Writers Must Take Time Off Work

There was a question in a Facebook group recently asking business owners if we plan to take time off over Christmas. While I wanted to say you should take time off over the Christmas break, I stopped. It’s not that you should take time off this time of year, but that freelance writers must take […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Burn Bridges With Clients

You have a pain in the butt clients, and all you want to do is get rid of them. Burning bridges seems like the easiest thing to do. But it can actually be the worst thing for you to do as a freelance writer. It can really come back to bite you in the proverbial […]

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Why You Should Go for That Freelance Writing Project

A freelance writing project has come up. It could have been directly to your email or you may have seen it on a job board. Either way, you’ve checked it out and it is legitimate. Not only that, but you want to do it. So, what’s the problem? What’s holding you back? Is it the […]

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Freelance Writing Rates Weekly Roundup

This week I have spent time focusing on freelance writing rates. It’s a good topic to cover, and one that many people struggle with. It’s something that I struggled with, and now I really don’t mind it. When someone asks me how much I charge, I don’t sit there a few minutes doing my best […]

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How Not to Become a Freelance Writer

Have you quit your job with the dream of finally becoming your own boss? You’ve read all the books about freelance writing and now you’re ready to start. The problem is nothing is happening! Chances are you’ve stalled. You’ve read the books, and in theory know what you’re supposed to do. But that doesn’t mean […]

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Things People Forget About Freelance Writers

Those who go into freelance writing go in thinking it’s a great way to gain financial freedom. It can be, but there are certain things that many forget about freelance writers. Just to make it clear, freelancing is not easier than working for someone else or than running a larger business. You really need to […]

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