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Earn Money from Writing

Top 4 Reasons to Learn SEO

Have you heard about SEO? It’ stands for search engine optimization and remains a necessary element of being a blogger or writer. You at least need to learn the basics–the most common elements that will help your clients. SEO is a skill that you pick up. It makes a major difference between being found or […]


7 Blog Posts to Help Improve Your Writing

Want to improve your writing? Following just one writer isn’t enough to do that. Sure, I can share what I’ve done but we’re all still learning. It really doesn’t matter how many years we’ve been at the game. I regularly follow others. This week has been full of content to help writers in 2016, so […]

Writing Tips

How to Use Your Negativity to Help Your Writing Career

Who would have thought negativity could help you? I’ve often blogged about how negativity damages your writing career, but it’s often difficult to stop those whispers in your head. How many times have you had that little voice telling you that you’ll never get a client no matter how many people you email? How often […]

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