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Earn Money from Writing Freelance Writing

Why Private Clients Are the Best to Make a Living Writing

Private clients are the best way for freelance writers to get work. Yes, it takes more time and more marketing skills, but you can do so much more with private clients. There is more freedom, and you can actually make a living writing. I get it. You don’t want to spend hours on the computer […]

Earn Money from Writing Freelance Writing

Weekly Round Up of Making Money Writing Posts

This week has been focused on making money writing. It’s a theme that will run for the whole month, focusing on individual sites and sharing my own experiences with them. Some sites I find good for making pocket change, other sites I would never recommend. But I believe that it’s important to learn the truth […]

Earn Money from Writing

Make Money Writing at Great Content: Can You Make a Living Writing?

Following on from my post about The Content Authority, it is time to look at another content mill. This one is a European mill, and goes by the name Great Content. For those in the UK, it’s great. Everything is paid in pounds sterling, so there is no need to worry about exchange rates. It […]

Earn Money from Writing Residual Income

Writing for Private Clients: Is This Something for You?

You may hear all the time that freelance writing success is in private clients. While I do agree, it really depends on what you want to get out of your freelance writing career. Is this something you’re making a living out of, are you writing for fun or do you want to make residual income? […]

Earn Money from Writing Writing Tips

5 Freelance Writing Blogs Every Writer and Blogger Needs to Read

Are you trying to break into freelance writing? Maybe you need to learn the tricks to give your freelance blogging career a boost. That’s perfectly normal, and there is plenty of information to help on the web. But there’s just so much information online, how do you know any of it is any good? Well, […]

Earn Money from Writing Freelance Writing

Making Money Writing: My Great Content Review

I’m going to look into another content mill today and that is Great Content. So many people ask whether making money writing for content mills is possible, and I tried to cover that with my overview on The Content Authority. However, there are different mills and different pay scales. That’s why it’s important to cover […]

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4 Things You Need to Start Freelance Writing

So, you want to start freelance writing. Well done for getting here as it’s definitely a start! When I first started writing, I found it really hard to find blogs about the topic—about how to get started and the things I needed—it’s one of the reasons why I decided to set this blog up. Now […]

Business and Freelancing Earn Money from Writing

Top Blogs to Help Make a Living Writing

When you start freelance writing or looking into how to make a living writing, you need to read. You need to read more about others who have been through the journey. You’re on a great start by reading this blog but there are plenty more out there. I had to start somewhere. I found blogs […]

Earn Money from Writing

Writing for Content Mills: Are They Worth the Pay?

When I started writing I used content mills. I shared that in Time Management Tuesday, sharing why content mills for writers aren’t really a waste of time. It is a controversial stance to take. I’m going to share another controversial stance in this updated post for Throwback Thursday. Content mills can be worth the pay. Writing for content […]

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