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Amazon Adviser review: A growing site to get into right away

Amazon Adviser is a growing website. It’s one of those with plenty of potential but low pay right now. However, it’s one that I highly recommend, especially for beginner writers. Of course, if you want to make a living writing, this isn’t going to be for you right now. If you’re looking to get started, […]

Earn Money from Writing

My Favourite Revenue Sharing Websites for Making Money Writing Online At the Moment

I really like the idea of revenue sharing websites for making money writing online. While you are opening yourself to factors that you can’t control, they are excellent places to write your own content with little technical knowledge. There is no need to purchase a domain name or hosting for  your own blog or website […]

Earn Money from Writing

Why You Should Never Offer Free Writing Samples

A writer in a Facebook group said the other day that he’d been asked to write a free sample for a company. This was after sharing published samples of his writing. You know what the other writers in the groups said? “Don’t do it!” You should never offer free writing samples to a company, blog, […]

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Using Fivesquids to Make Money Writing Online

I’m jumping back to micro-job sites for now, and this is a UK site. Fivesquids was set up with the same idea as Fiverr: to offer things from a base cost of £5 (rather than the $5). Really, I should say the same thing as Fiverr then, right? Well, not quite. Fiversquids does have some […]

Earn Money from Writing Residual Income

Weekly Roundup of Making Money Online With Residual Income Sites

This week has all been about making money with residual income sites. I’ve spent three years using some of the sites, others I’ve only been on for three months. However, I’ve shared my experience in the hope that others with find sites that they either do or don’t want to try out. Here’s my weekly […]

Earn Money from Writing Residual Income

Could You Make Money Writing Online at Wizzley?

Happy Friday everyone! It always makes me giggle how so many people look forward to Fridays because it means the weekend the next day. We have nothing like that in this house since we both work Saturdays. But I digress. It’s time for another revenue share website to focus on. This one is called Wizzley, […]

Earn Money from Writing Residual Income

Writing at InfoBarrel: Could You Earn Money Online From This Writing Site?

InfoBarrel is another one of the oldest sites for making money through revenue share. It works very similar to HubPages, by writing whatever you want (within reason) and posting it online. Before signing up to any site, many people question whether it is possible to earn money online writing at InfoBarrel. How InfoBarrel Helps Writers […]

Residual Income

Writing at Daily Two Cents: Making Residual Income While Being Social

What do you get when you mix residual income opportunities and social media? Well, a site like Daily Two Cents. This is actually a sister site for Writedge, and offers many of the same benefits mentioned in yesterday’s blog post. The income is $5 per 1000 unique views, and the payment threshold is $5. It’s […]

Earn Money from Writing Freelance Writing

Weekly Round Up of Making Money Writing Posts

This week has been focused on making money writing. It’s a theme that will run for the whole month, focusing on individual sites and sharing my own experiences with them. Some sites I find good for making pocket change, other sites I would never recommend. But I believe that it’s important to learn the truth […]

Earn Money from Writing

Make Money Writing at Great Content: Can You Make a Living Writing?

Following on from my post about The Content Authority, it is time to look at another content mill. This one is a European mill, and goes by the name Great Content. For those in the UK, it’s great. Everything is paid in pounds sterling, so there is no need to worry about exchange rates. It […]

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