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Writing Tips

How Long Should You Give a Revenue Share Site Before Moving On?

If a revenue share site doesn’t make you money, it can become a waste of time. While there are certainly other benefits to writing at these sites, you still need to remember that your time is money. Eventually, you should start seeing financial benefits. I do recommend having realistic goals when you start writing at […]

Residual Income

Revenue Share Sites Blogging Challenge: Posts 1-6 Roundup

I’m in the process of blogging for 31 days about revenue share sites (sometimes referred to as residual income sites). Don’t worry if you’ve missed any of the posts so far. Every seven posts I’ll do a roundup of the week, making sure you can catch up on the posts that you’ve missed. This is […]

Residual Income

No Application Process Could Be a Red Flag for Residual Income Sites

There was once a time that you could just sign up for residual income sites and just start writing. This is still possible on a few sites, but for me it’s a red flag. Even revenue share sites should have some sort of application process. Sometimes this is to create an account on the site […]

Earn Money from Writing

Why All Writers and Bloggers Need to Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most under-used forms of marketing, but one of the most successful. I didn’t appreciate it that much when I first started, but now I definitely do. If you don’t have a list on your blog, you want to get one right now. When you hear of internet marketers, writers, […]

Earn Money from Writing

Can You Still Make Money Writing at Residual Income Sites? What I Think You Should Do Instead

I still write at a few residual income sites. I’m very picky about where I write and the time that I spend on them. You see, part of me knows that you can still make money writing at residual income sites. But only a little. I’m a strong believer that you need your own website, […]

Blogging Earn Money from Writing

Making Money Blogging Series: Monthly Roundup

I’ve covered a lot over the last month on making money blogging. I hope I’ve given you a lot of ideas to get started, whether you want to make a small amount right now with Google AdSense or you want to boost your income with a membership site. To help you stay on track with […]

Blogging Earn Money from Writing

Weekly Roundup to Make Money Blogging

This week, I’ve focused on my series to help you make money blogging. There are so many different options, and I’m creating videos for each one of them. By the end of the month, you’ll just need to decide which option is best for you. In case you missed any of the posts this week […]

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