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Residual Income

5 Signs Revenue Share Sites Are for You

While I’ve mentioned that I don’t recommend relying on revenue share sites, they are the best option for some people. They can also be a viable way to test a niche, learn more about writing, and generally start to make money writing. In the end, I always recommend moving onto your own blog or website […]

Earn Money from Writing

Can You Still Make Money Writing at Residual Income Sites? What I Think You Should Do Instead

I still write at a few residual income sites. I’m very picky about where I write and the time that I spend on them. You see, part of me knows that you can still make money writing at residual income sites. But only a little. I’m a strong believer that you need your own website, […]

Earn Money from Writing Writing Tips

Monthly Roundup of Writing Options

This last month I’ve focused on a series about freelance writing options. The first week, I chose to share my reviews about content mills, and then moved onto residual income sites after that. After that I moved onto bidding sites and then looked into all your different options as a whole. Hopefully, you now have […]

Earn Money from Writing Freelance Writing

Weekly Round Up of Making Money Writing Posts

This week has been focused on making money writing. It’s a theme that will run for the whole month, focusing on individual sites and sharing my own experiences with them. Some sites I find good for making pocket change, other sites I would never recommend. But I believe that it’s important to learn the truth […]

Earn Money from Writing Freelance Writing

Top 5 Myths of Making Money Writing

I hear a lot of people clinging onto content mills believing that is the only way to make money writing. It definitely isn’t! In fact, there are so many myths surrounding freelance writing and making a living from it that it stops many people in their tracks. There is always the fear of rejection due […]

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