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Budget and Money

7 ways to curb the problem of spending money

You want to save money. Whether it’s to create an emergency fund or to set up a retirement fund, you need to find extra money to save. That means you need to curb the problem of spending money. Of course, it sounds simple. Just stop spending money! Stop buying things! If only it was that […]

Budget and Money

Don’t feel bad for not having an emergency fund but start one now

With more people than ever finding themselves laid off, everyone is worried about money. Well, almost everyone. There are always those few people who sit from their lofty rooftops shaming people for not being in the same financial situation as them. One of the biggest things right now is them shaming people for not having […]

Budget and Money

How we use credit cards but don’t get into debt

You’ll hear people tell you not to use credit cards. Many view them as the evil form of payment that puts a lot of people into debt and that’s why many companies decide to do the more simple thing and get a debt collection software making it easier to collect debt. That can certainly be […]

Budget and Money

Why everyone needs to be on board with your family budget

You’ve got your family budget created. Despite all the effort you’re making to stick to it, you’re not finding that it’s working out. Someone in the house is still overspending. The biggest problem you face is likely that people in your family aren’t on board with the new family budget. They may not even know […]

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