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Residual Income

Harlow McGaw Media sites closing: Is there any hope for revenue share sites?

Writedge, Daily Two Cents, and other Harlow McGaw Media sites are closing down. They’ll shut their doors at the end of this month and the big question now is what’s next? Unfortunately, these sites are a string of other revenue share sites that have closed their doors. Over the last five years or so, we’ve […]

Social Media Tips

5 Simple Tips for Using Social Media to Make Money with Residual Income Sites

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to making money through residual income sites. If you’re not using it then you are missing out. I don’t mean that you should only use social media, but you’re leaving money on the table if you’re completely ignoring it. That’s the biggest of the social media […]


5 Tips to Find Topic Ideas When Using Residual Income Sites

When you start writing at residual income sites, you often need to come up with your own ideas. It’s very uncommon for a site to give you titles and ideas, although some do. That means you need to get creative, finding topics that people will enjoy reading. How do you do that? It can be […]

Residual Income

Revenue Share Sites Offer More Value Than Money

You may hear that revenue share sites are a waste of time. After all, it takes hard work and determination to make money through them and you’re making someone else money at the same time. Isn’t that just like having a “real” job? Well, sort of. Rev share sites can also be highly beneficial in […]

Writing Tips

Residual Income Site Application Mistakes You Need to Avoid

I can’t tell you the amount of people I see applying for a residual income site with some glaring problems. These are issues that should be obvious before the applications are sent through; something we should never see on the other side. Think about what you’re doing–you’re applying for a site that you want to […]

Writing Tips

5 Tips for Applying for Revenue Share Sites

I’ve promised this topic for a few days now. Honestly, the incident with the dog completely threw me off. It wasn’t just the notebook for this blog that had been eaten and turned into a jigsaw puzzle, but for a couple of other blogs. It really is a lesson for me! Now it’s finally time […]

Residual Income

No Application Process Could Be a Red Flag for Residual Income Sites

There was once a time that you could just sign up for residual income sites and just start writing. This is still possible on a few sites, but for me it’s a red flag. Even revenue share sites should have some sort of application process. Sometimes this is to create an account on the site […]

Residual Income

5 Signs Revenue Share Sites Are for You

While I’ve mentioned that I don’t recommend relying on revenue share sites, they are the best option for some people. They can also be a viable way to test a niche, learn more about writing, and generally start to make money writing. In the end, I always recommend moving onto your own blog or website […]

Residual Income

Revenue Share Sites: Where I Stand as of May 2018

I know I said this would be out May 1. I had it all written and then Canva was down when I went to create the images. Typical, huh? It’s the start of May and I promised a look at where I stand with revenue share sites. This is a look at the changes that […]

Blogging Earn Money from Writing

Want to Earn Money Writing for Yourself? Two New Pay Per View Sites to Try

It’s time to earn money writing, and doing it for yourself instead of clients. I love residual income websites, whether I earn through Google AdSense, Amazon Affiliates or Pay Per View. Pay Per View is becoming a popular option for many, especially those who are struggling to get Google AdSense accounts. And there are two […]

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