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Earn Money from Writing

5 Reasons Residual Income Writing Sites Help You Build Your Blogging Niche

Last week I shared how to use residual income writing sites to build your blogging niche. It’s an unpopular opinion that these types of sites—also known as content farms, passive income sites, and paid-to-write sites—help you make money. Well, they do. And I know so because I’ve made plenty of money through them. I don’t […]

Earn Money from Writing

6 Tips to Use Residual Income Sites for Your Writing Niche Development

You want to start writing or blogging in a new niche. There is an audience for it but you don’t know if there’s an audience for you. Sometimes you wonder about your own skills and ability to bring in an audience. While you want to develop the niche, you don’t want to spend too much […]

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