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Earn Money from Writing

Where I write for revenue share in 2019

Many people write for revenue share. It’s not dead, although it’s not what it was when I started writing online almost a decade ago. Plenty has changed and it’s why I have blogs of my own to turn to. However, I do still write at sites for revenue share and I don’t feel guilty or […]

Residual Income

5 Tips to Get Started on a Revenue Share Site

Joining a revenue share site is just one way to start making money writing online. They can be the easiest and cheapest way to get started, especially as many have few requirements to apply. In fact, there are some you can create an account and you’re good to start writing. While I recommend finding those […]

Residual Income

Harlow McGaw Media sites closing: Is there any hope for revenue share sites?

Writedge, Daily Two Cents, and other Harlow McGaw Media sites are closing down. They’ll shut their doors at the end of this month and the big question now is what’s next? Unfortunately, these sites are a string of other revenue share sites that have closed their doors. Over the last five years or so, we’ve […]

Residual Income

Revenue Share Sites Offer More Value Than Money

You may hear that revenue share sites are a waste of time. After all, it takes hard work and determination to make money through them and you’re making someone else money at the same time. Isn’t that just like having a “real” job? Well, sort of. Rev share sites can also be highly beneficial in […]

Writing Tips

Residual Income Site Application Mistakes You Need to Avoid

I can’t tell you the amount of people I see applying for a residual income site with some glaring problems. These are issues that should be obvious before the applications are sent through; something we should never see on the other side. Think about what you’re doing–you’re applying for a site that you want to […]

Writing Tips

5 Tips for Applying for Revenue Share Sites

I’ve promised this topic for a few days now. Honestly, the incident with the dog completely threw me off. It wasn’t just the notebook for this blog that had been eaten and turned into a jigsaw puzzle, but for a couple of other blogs. It really is a lesson for me! Now it’s finally time […]

Writing Tips

Please, sir; the dog ate my titles!

I know I promised a blog post about application process tips for revenue share sites, but I just had to bring up something a little personal for the day. After writing my blog posts yesterday, I went to put my girls to bed. I came back to my notebooks and diary to find that my […]

Residual Income

No Application Process Could Be a Red Flag for Residual Income Sites

There was once a time that you could just sign up for residual income sites and just start writing. This is still possible on a few sites, but for me it’s a red flag. Even revenue share sites should have some sort of application process. Sometimes this is to create an account on the site […]

Residual Income

How to Tell a Revenue Share Site is Legitimate

There are many revenue share sites out there. They all claim big promises, it seems, when it comes to making money online. They’ll tell you all about the millions of viewers they get and how much some of their top earners make. But how much can you trust them? What is it that you should […]

Residual Income

How to Make Revenue Share Sites Work for You

You’ve decided that revenue share sites are something you want to try. There are many reasons for this. After all, you don’t have the costs and risks of setting up your own blog and you can instantly start making money writing online. Now you just need to know how to make it work for you. […]

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