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Social Media Tips

Social Media Marketing Tips: Manage Your Blog Post Links in Excel

Social media marketing is hard. It takes up time to do and you need to find old links to share your content regularly, especially for evergreen content. After all, sharing just the once isn’t enough. So for the first Social Media Saturday post of the year, I want to offer some social media marketing tips. […]

Social Media Tips

Does Social Media Work for Promoting Your Niche Blogs?

After a week of talking about creating niche blogs, it’s time to move onto the promotion side of things. I’ll stick with the topic of niche blogs right now, but really the idea of using social media for promotion is something all types of bloggers and business owners consider. Can you actually use social media […]

Business Marketing

3 Tips for Marketing Your Blog While You’re Away

Continuing with my vacation posts, I’m looking at marketing your blog while you’re away. This is something that stumps many people, but it isn’t that difficult. I said on Monday that I would cover it, so here it is. Marketing a blog while you’re on vacation can be done in the follow three steps. Share […]

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