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Social Media Tips

Revenue Share Site Tips: What You Can Learn from the Recent Pinterest & Facebook Changes

If you haven’t heard yet, both Facebook and Pinterest have made some changes that will affect you making money with your writing. Twitter made some changes too, although I haven’t seen them affect as many people as the other two. There are some revenue share site tips that you can take from the changes; things […]

Social Media Tips

5 Simple Tips for Using Social Media to Make Money with Residual Income Sites

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to making money through residual income sites. If you’re not using it then you are missing out. I don’t mean that you should only use social media, but you’re leaving money on the table if you’re completely ignoring it. That’s the biggest of the social media […]

Writing Tips

5 Quick Social Media Tips for the Average Blogger

Blogging was once a way for people to journal online. Now it’s a way for writers to make a passive income online. That is it would be if you could get enough readers to your site. Just because you have a blog and you put content on it regularly doesn’t mean you’ll get the readers. […]

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