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Where Are the Blog Posts I Promised?

So, it turns out that May is a very busy time for the TV show niche. It’s only been this year that I’ve really noticed it, as I’ve taken up the niche fully. So, when I promised to make May the month to give plenty of residual income writing tips, I never realized what I […]

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Ultimate Blog Challenge: Why I’m Not Doing It but Why You Should

I’m going to sound very hypocritical at the moment, but please hear me out. I’ve decided not to do the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month. But I still think it could be a great opportunity for you. There’s a good reason why I’m not doing it and that is time. The Ultimate Blog Challenge means […]

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Half Way Through the Ultimate Blog Challenge: A UBC Update

Instead of focusing on writing tips today, I wanted to celebrate the fact that I am half way through the Ultimate Blog Challenge. If I’m honest, I didn’t think I’d get to this point at the start! The problem for me is that when I start a challenge, other things seem to get in the […]

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