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Why You’re Not Getting Quality Writing

Whether you’re a business looking to hire a blogger or you’re a freelancer looking to outsource your work, you need quality writing. Have you ever found that you’ve hired someone you thought was a professional, only to find that it was a waste of money? You simply can’t use the work or, as a freelance […]

Earn Money from Writing Writing Pay

Why Writer’s Need a Good Hourly Wage

If you worked in a job in the UK, you’d earn a minimum of £6.19 per hour (based on being 21 and over). As a freelancer, your hourly wage needs to be much higher than that! You need to be aiming for the £30, £50, even £100 per hour. In the USA and other countries, […]

Earn Money from Writing Writing Pay

What Determines a Writer’s Pay: Get Paid More for Your Talent

You will have heard me say that you’re worth more than you get paid writing for content mills. You really are! But what determines a writer’s pay? How do you know just how much you’re worth? There are a few factors that affect your worth as a writer. Part of this is uncontrollable by you […]

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