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Why Freelance Writers Need to Increase Their Writer Rate

This year I made a bold decision not to increase my writer rate. Usually I do it around the New Year (or sometimes April) and on a yearly basis. It’s standard across the board. So, why didn’t I do it this year? Well, the international move had a lot to do with it. It’s more […]

Writing Pay

Raise Your Writing Rates or Keep a Client? Which Is Best for You?

You want to raise your writing rates, but your client can’t afford it. Now you have two options: Raise your rates anyway and lose your client Keep your rates the same just to keep your client Which is the best option for you? Is there a right or wrong option? I hear so many writing […]

Writing Pay

Is Now the Right Time to Raise Your Writer Rates?

I’ve seen many writers say that the end of the year is the best time to raise your writer rates. Well, I’m going to go against the grain here. For me, the end of the year was never the best time. I tried it one year and lost clients. It took a while to build […]

Writing Pay

4 Tips for Determining Your True Hourly Rate

I’ve spoken in the past about determining your hourly wage. It’s something I’ve mentioned to students in the past and something I recommend in Facebook groups. But how do you determine your hourly rate? How do you know just how much you need to make per hour? This isn’t a case of looking at the […]

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